Emerging markets Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Hiring and Firing > Index ranking

DEFINITION: Every economy has established a complex system of laws and institutions intended to protect the interests of workers and to guarantee a minimum standard of living for its population. The OECD Job Study and the International Encyclopedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations identify 4 areas subject to statutory regulation in all countries: employment, social security, industrial relations and occupational health and safety. Doing Business focuses on the regulation of employment, specifically the hiring and firing of workers and the rigidity of working hours. This year data on social security payments by the employer and pension benefits, including the mandatory retirement age, have been added. The data on hiring and firing workers are based on a detailed survey of employment and social security regulations. The survey is completed by local law firms. The employment laws of most countries are available online in the NATLEX database, published by the International Labour Organization. In all cases both actual laws and secondary sources are used to ensure accuracy. Conflicting answers are further checked against 2 additional sources, including a local legal treatise on employment regulation. NOTE: This is a ranking derived from several indicators, 1 being the best (ranked first). The higher the number on this graph, the lower their overall ranking. Invert this graph by clicking on 'Amount' at the top. Consult source for details on methodology.


1 Romania 149 2005
2 Brazil 144 2005
3 Turkey 141 2005
4 Argentina 132 2005
5 Colombia 130 2005
6 Mexico 125 2005
7 Indonesia 120 2005
8 Ukraine 119 2005
9 India 116 2005
10 Estonia 111 2005
11 Latvia 103 2005
12 Lithuania 93 2005
13 Pakistan 91 2005
14 Bulgaria 90 2005
15 China 87 2005
16 Hungary 85 2005
17 Peru 83 2005
18 Philippines 82 2005
19 Venezuela 71 2005
20 South Africa 66 2005
21 Poland 64 2005
22 Russia 57 2005
23 Chile 37 2005
24 Malaysia 34 2005
25 Thailand 23 2005


Emerging markets Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Hiring and Firing > Index ranking


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