Group of 7 countries (G7) Compared by People > Hospital bed density

DEFINITION: This entry provides the number of hospital beds per 1,000 people; it serves as a general measure of inpatient service availability. Hospital beds include inpatient beds available in public, private, general, and specialized hospitals and rehabilitation centers. In most cases, beds for both acute and chronic care are included. Because the level of inpatient services required for individual countries depends on several factors - such as demographic issues and the burden of disease - there is no global target for the number of hospital beds per country. So, while 2 beds per 1,000 in one country may be sufficient, 2 beds per 1,000 in another may be woefully inadequate because of the number of people hospitalized by disease.


1 Japan 13.7 beds/1,000 population 2009
2 Germany 8.3 beds/1,000 population 2010
3 France 6.6 beds/1,000 population 2010
4 Italy 3.5 beds/1,000 population 2010
5 Canada 3.2 beds/1,000 population 2010
=6 United States 3 beds/1,000 population 2010
=6 United Kingdom 3 beds/1,000 population 2010


Group of 7 countries (G7) Compared by People > Hospital bed density


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