Middle Eastern and North Africa Compared by Environment > Urban SO2 concentration

DEFINITION: Urban SO2 concentration
Units: Micrograms/m3
Units: The values were originally collected at the city level. Each nation varied in terms of the number of cities reported, so this data should be used with some caution. Within each country the values have been normalized by city population for the year 1995, then added together to obtain the total concentration for the given country.


1 Iran 209 micrograms/m3 1995
2 Iraq 121.24 micrograms/m3 1995
3 Algeria 80.17 micrograms/m3 1995
4 Morocco 78.15 micrograms/m3 1995
5 Egypt 69 micrograms/m3 1995
6 Libya 63.66 micrograms/m3 1995
7 Syria 63.5 micrograms/m3 1995
8 Lebanon 62.71 micrograms/m3 1995
9 United Arab Emirates 61.54 micrograms/m3 1995
10 Tunisia 58.16 micrograms/m3 1995
11 Jordan 54.64 micrograms/m3 1995
12 Saudi Arabia 43.64 micrograms/m3 1995
13 Oman 24.03 micrograms/m3 1995
14 Kuwait 17.53 micrograms/m3 1995
15 Israel 16.82 micrograms/m3 1995


Middle Eastern and North Africa Compared by Environment > Urban SO2 concentration


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