Non-religious countries Compared by Environment > Water > Phosphorus concentration

DEFINITION: Phosphorus concentration
Units: Milligrams/Liter
Units: The country values represent averages of the station-level values for the three year time period 1994-96, except where data were only available for an earlier time period (1988-1993). The number of stations per country varies depending on country size; number of bodies of water; and level of participation in the GEMS monitoring system. The data from "The Wellbeing of Nations" included a smaller subset of stations representing outfalls of major watersheds. An analysis of a sample of countries with numerous stations found that the data for stations in the subset is broadly comparable to the data for all GEMS stations in those countries.


1 Azerbaijan 0.6 mls/litre 1994
2 Vietnam 0.59 mls/litre 1994
3 Turkey 0.35 mls/litre 1994
4 Czech Republic 0.29 mls/litre 1994
=5 China 0.28 mls/litre 1994
=5 Sweden 0.28 mls/litre 1994
7 Netherlands 0.27 mls/litre 1994
8 France 0.17 mls/litre 1994
9 Austria 0.1 mls/litre 1994
=10 Australia 0.06 mls/litre 1994
=10 Japan 0.06 mls/litre 1994
12 Canada 0.0 1994


Non-religious countries Compared by Environment > Water > Phosphorus concentration


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