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DEFINITION: Net taxes on products (net indirect taxes) are the sum of product taxes less subsidies. Product taxes are those taxes payable by producers that relate to the production, sale, purchase or use of the goods and services. Subsidies are grants on the current account made by general government to private enterprises and unincorporated public enterprises. The grants may take the form of payments to ensure a guaranteed price or to enable maintenance of prices of goods and services below costs of production, and other forms of assistance to producers. Data are in current U.S. dollars.".


1 India 76.29 billion 2009
2 Pakistan 8.36 billion 2009
3 Kazakhstan 5.3 billion 2009
4 Bangladesh 3.03 billion 2009
5 Uzbekistan 2.14 billion 2009
6 Sri Lanka 1.8 billion 2001
7 Nepal 1.01 billion 2009
8 Kyrgyzstan 668.32 million 2008
9 Tajikistan 555.24 million 2009
10 Afghanistan 349.52 million 2008
11 Turkmenistan 313.96 million 2009
12 Bhutan 39.86 million 2009


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South and Central Asia Compared by Economy > Net taxes


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