Abkhazian Background Stats

Neighboring countries and territories:

Georgia Russia Turkey (M) Ukraine (M)


  • Dependency status: Status.

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  • Independence day date: Date.
  • Length of border with Russia: Length in kilometers of each country's border with Russia. China, which has a border with Russia of 3,645 km, is not included. Russia has international borders with 16 countries, and a total land border of 20,241 kilometres (12,577 mi), making it the second-longest one of any country in the world.
  • Number of maritime boundary neighbours: Number of states and territories with which each country shares a maritime border. Two countries separated from each other by a body of water have a maritime border with each other.
Dependency status De facto sovereign state lacking general international recognition Recognized by the United Nations as part of Georgia 2014
Independence day date July 4 1993
Length of border with Russia 255.4 km 2014 11th out of 15
Number of maritime boundary neighbours 4 2014 29th out of 171


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