Ashmore and Cartier Islands

Ashmore and Cartier Islands Geography Stats


  • Area > Comparative: The area of various small countries expressed in comparison to various areas within the United States of America.
  • Area > Comparative to US places: This entry provides an area comparison based on total area equivalents. Most entities are compared with the entire US or one of the 50 states based on area measurements (1990 revised) provided by the US Bureau of the Census. The smaller entities are compared with Washington, DC (178 sq km, 69 sq mi) or The Mall in Washington, DC (0.59 sq km, 0.23 sq mi, 146 acres).
  • Area > Land: Total land area in square kilometres
  • Area > Total: Total area in square kilometers
  • Area > Water: Total water area in square kilometers
  • Climate: A brief description of typical weather regimes throughout the year.
  • Coastline: The total length of the boundary between the land area (including islands) and the sea.
  • Elevation extremes > Highest point: Highest point above sea level
  • Geographic coordinates: This entry includes rounded latitude and longitude figures for the purpose of finding the approximate geographic center of an entity and is based on the Gazetteer of Conventional Names, Third Edition, August 1988, US Board on Geographic Names and on other sources.
  • Irrigated land: The number of square kilometers of land area that is artificially supplied with water.
  • Land use > Arable land: The percentage of used land that is arable. Arable land is land cultivated for crops that are replanted after each harvest like wheat, maize, and rice
  • Location: The country's regional location, neighboring countries, and adjacent bodies of water.
  • Natural hazards: Potential natural disasters.
  • Natural resources: A country's mineral, petroleum, hydropower, and other resources of commercial importance.
  • Terrain: A brief description of the topography
Area > Comparative about eight times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC 2013
Area > Comparative to US places about eight times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC 2008
Area > Land 5 sq km 2008 233th out of 235
Area > Total 5 sq km 2013 245th out of 251
Area > Water 0.0 2013 240th out of 246
Climate tropical 2013
Coastline 74.1 km 2014 170th out of 242
Elevation extremes > Highest point unnamed location 3 m 2013
Geographic coordinates 12 14 S, 123 05 E 2013
Irrigated land 0.0 2012 18th out of 32
Land use > Arable land 0.0 2013 244th out of 246
Location Southeastern Asia, islands in the Indian Ocean, midway between northwestern Australia and Timor island 2013
Natural hazards surrounded by shoals and reefs that can pose maritime hazards 2011
Natural resources fish 2013
Terrain low with sand and coral 2013

SOURCES: CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011; All CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 18 December 2008



Ashmore and Cartier Islands Geography Profiles (Subcategories)

Area 7 Maritime claims 4
Land use 3

Ashmore and Cartier Islands categories

Background Geography People
Economy Government Transport
Environment Military

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