Facts and stats about Brunei


Population. Ranked 174th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 19th in 2012.


Malaysia 381 km
Largest city Darussalam Bandar Seri Begawan - 52,300
Capital city Darussalam Bandar Seri Begawan - 52,300
Major language Malay, English, Chinese
Major religion Islam, Buddhism, Christianity
Monetary unit Bruneian dollar
Head of state Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
Alternative names Brunei Darussalam, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Brunei, Brunei darussalam
Groups East Asia and Pacific, Former British colonies, Hot countries, Island countries, Muslim countries, World

Interesting observations about Brunei

  • Brunei ranked first for human development index amongst Muslim countries in 2006.
  • Brunei ranked first for GDP > composition by sector > industry amongst East Asia and Pacific in 2012.
  • Brunei ranked #5 for GDP > per capita > PPP amongst Hot countries in 2012.
  • Brunei ranked first for red tape > time required to start a business > days amongst Former British colonies in 2013.
  • Brunei ranked first for current account balance per capita globally in 2008.
  • Brunei has had the highest inbound tourism > arrivals per thousand people since 1995.
  • Brunei has had the highest agriculture value added per worker > constant 2000 US$ since 1997.