Cook Islands

Cook Islands Parliamentary elections Stats


  • Registered voter turnout: The proportion of registered voters who actually voted.
  • Total vote: The total number of votes cast in the relevant election. Total vote includes valid and invalid votes, as well as blank votes in cases where these are separated from invalid votes. More information on valid, invalid and blank votes can be found at aceproject.org
  • Turnout: The number of votes divided by the Voting Age Population figure, expressed as a percentage.
  • Voter registration: The number of registered voters. The figure represents the number of names on the voters' register at the time that the registration process closes, as reported by the electoral management body.
  • Voting age population: International IDEA has chosen to use not only the reported registration rate to calculate turnout percentages, but also the voting age population (VAP) which includes all citizens above the legal voting age
Registered voter turnout 89% 2003 20th out of 152
Total vote 9,430 2003 151st out of 154
Turnout 87.3 2003 16th out of 117
Voter registration 10,600 2003 149th out of 152
Voting age population 10,808 2003 160th out of 163