Cuba Travel Stats


Inbound tourism > Passenger transport spending $288.00 million 2012 23th out of 80
Inbound tourism > Passenger transport spending per capita $25.55 2012 31st out of 79
Inbound tourism > Passenger transport spending, % of GDP $0.42 2008 37th out of 90
Inbound tourism > Travel spending $963.00 million 1995 2nd out of 89
Inbound tourism > Travel spending per capita $88.09 1995 24th out of 85
Inbound tourism > Travel spending, % of GDP $3.16 1995 29th out of 83
Outbound tourism > Departures 213,000 2012 13th out of 20
Outbound tourism > Departures per thousand people 18.9 2012 16th out of 20

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