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Named after legend:

"Djibouti" means "Land of Tehuti" or "Land of Thoth ", after the Egyptian Moon God


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Countries named after legendary figures "Djibouti" means "Land of Tehuti" or "Land of Thoth ", after the Egyptian Moon God 2014
Full name The Republic of Djibouti 2013
Independence day date June 27 1977
Land border length 516 km 2014 139th out of 200
National anthems Djibouti 2011
Neighboring countries and territories Eritrea Ethiopia (L) Somalia Yemen (M) Somaliland Djibouti borders Somaliland, who is considered by the international community to be part of Somalia 2014
Number of maritime boundary neighbours 3 2014 58th out of 171

Controlling access to the Red Sea, Djibouti is of major strategic importance, a fact that has ensured a steady flow of foreign assistance.

During the Gulf War it was the base of operations for the French military, who continue to maintain a significant presence.

France has thousands of troops as well as warships, aircraft and armoured vehicles in Djibouti, contributing directly and indirectly to the country's income. The US has stationed hundreds of troops in Djibouti, its only African base, in an effort to counter terrorism in the region.

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