Facts and stats about Dominica


Population. Ranked 200th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 74th in 2012.

Largest city Roseau - 15,853
Capital city Roseau - 15,853
Major language English (official), French patois
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit East Caribbean dollar
Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit
Alternative names Dominica, dom. rep., Commonwealth of Dominica
Groups Catholic countries, Christian countries, Former British colonies, Heavily indebted countries, Hot countries, Island countries, Latin America and Caribbean, Tourist destinations, World

Interesting observations about Dominica

  • Dominica ranked first for duration of compulsory education amongst Hot countries in 2000.
  • Dominica ranked second for land use > permanent crops amongst Christian countries in 2013.
  • Dominica ranked second for primary education, duration > years amongst Catholic countries in 2012.
  • Dominica ranked second for telecoms > mobile cellular subscriptions > per 100 people amongst Heavily indebted countries in 2012.
  • Dominica ranked first for GDP > composition by sector > agriculture amongst Tourist destinations in 2012.
  • Dominica ranked third last for population amongst Former British colonies in 2013.
  • Dominica ranked first for labor force > by occupation > agriculture amongst Latin America and Caribbean in 2013.