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  • Primary education > Duration > Years: Primary duration refers to the number of years of full-time equivalent duration in primary education in the school system according to ISCED.
  • Secondary education > Duration > Years: Secondary education, duration (years) is the number of grades (years) in secondary school."
  • Tertiary attainment > Tertiary attainment for age group 55-64: For each age group shown, those who have completed tertiary education are shown as a percentage of all persons in that age group. Tertiary education includes both tertiary-type "A programmes”, which are largely theoretically-based and designed to provide qualifications for entry to advanced research programmes and professions with high skill requirements, as well as tertiary-type "B programmes” which are classified at the same level of competencies as tertiary-type A programmes but are more occupationally-oriented and lead to direct labour market access. The tertiary attainment profiles are based on the percentage of the population aged 25 to 64 that has completed that level of education.
Primary education > Duration > Years 6 2009 117th out of 179
Secondary education > Duration > Years 6 2009 133th out of 177
Tertiary attainment > Tertiary attainment for age group 55-64 27.3% 2009 5th out of 30

SOURCES: United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics.; OECD Country statistical profiles 2009