Facts and stats about Georgia

4.56 million

Population. Ranked 122nd in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 108th in 2012.


Armenia 164 km, Azerbaijan 322 km, Russia 723 km, Turkey 252 km
Largest city Tbilisi - 1,279,000
Capital city Tbilisi - 1,279,000
Major language Georgian, Russian widely spoken
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit lari
Prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili
Alternative names Sak'art'velo, Georgia
Groups Christian countries, Cold countries, Eastern Europe, Europe, Former Soviet republics, Religious countries, World

Interesting observations about Georgia

  • Georgia ranked first for sex ratio > under 15 years amongst Christian countries in 2012.
  • Georgia ranked second for GDP > real growth rate amongst Europe in 2012.
  • Georgia ranked first for war deaths amongst Cold countries in 2008.
  • Georgia ranked #9 for sex ratio > at birth globally in 2013.
  • Georgia ranked second for age structure > 65 years and over amongst Religious countries in 2013.
  • Georgia ranked first for life expectancy at birth > total population amongst Former Soviet republics in 2011.
  • Georgia ranked 4th last for GDP per capita amongst Eastern Europe in 2012.