Facts and stats about Lebanon

4.13 million

Population. Ranked 126th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 61st in 2012.


Israel 79 km, Syria 375 km
Largest city Beirut - 1,100,000
Capital city Beirut - 1,100,000
Major language Arabic
Major religion Islam, Christianity
Monetary unit Lebanese pound
Prime minister Najib Mikati (resigned)
Alternative names Lubnan, Lebanon, Al Jumhuriyah al Lubnaniyah, Lebanese Republic
Groups Densely populated countries, Former French colonies, Heavily indebted countries, Middle Eastern and North Africa, Muslim countries, World

Interesting observations about Lebanon

  • Lebanon ranked first for life expectancy at birth, total > years amongst Muslim countries in 2011.
  • Lebanon ranked first for age structure > 65 years and over amongst Former French colonies in 2013.
  • Lebanon ranked first for death rate amongst Middle Eastern and North Africa in 2013.
  • Lebanon ranked first for tax > GDP per capita > constant LCU amongst Heavily indebted countries in 2012.
  • Lebanon ranked third for net migration per million globally in 2012.
  • Lebanon ranked 5th last for population growth rate amongst Densely populated countries in 2013.


Most of the information is good, except of the groups classification. Lebanon is not one of the muslim countries, it should not be classified upon any followed religion. Half of the population is christian for a first, and the constitution divides the roles in the country upon the found religions in the country such as the president and head of the army have to be Maronite christians. I wish you fix the classification, as the country belongs to the Middle East Region or the Easter Mediterranean not the muslim countries. Thank you. This is coming from a Lebanese citizen.

Posted on 01 Apr 2014




  • The Muslim countries list refers to countries that are majority Muslim. From what I can see, the Muslim population is somewhere between 55% and 60% depending on the source.

    Luke.Metcalfe 02 Apr 2014