Facts and stats about Lithuania

3.52 million

Population. Ranked 132nd in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 43th in 2012.


Belarus 680 km, Latvia 576 km, Poland 91 km, Russia (Kaliningrad) 227 km
Largest city Vilnius - 590,100
Capital city Vilnius - 590,100
Major language Lithuanian (official), Russian, Polish, Belarusian
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit litas
Prime minister Algirdas Butkevicius
Alternative names Lietuvos Respublika, Lietuva, Republic of Lithuania, Lithuania
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Interesting observations about Lithuania

  • Lithuania ranked second for death rate amongst Catholic countries in 2013.
  • Lithuania ranked first for electricity > production by source > nuclear amongst Christian countries in 2003.
  • Lithuania ranked first for arable land > hectares per capita amongst European Union in 2011.
  • Lithuania ranked third for GDP per capita amongst Emerging markets in 2012.
  • Lithuania ranked first for produce > cereal > land under cereal production > hectares per 1000 amongst Europe in 2012.
  • Lithuania ranked 4th last for population amongst Former Soviet republics in 2013.
  • Lithuania ranked 5th last for GDP amongst NATO countries in 2012.
  • Lithuania ranked second last for total fertility rate amongst Cold countries in 2013.
  • Lithuania ranked second for mobile phone subscribers > per capita globally in 2005.