Luxembourg Intellectual property Stats


  • Copyright > Copyright duration relative to life of author: This stat compares the copyright duration of an original intellectual creation after its author's death. Although the definition is very variable, an original intellectual work can be described as the previously unpublished work of artistic or divulgative nature. As an almost universal rule, the copyright last for the entire life of the author or authors, plus a given number of years (typically 50 to 70). You can check this page for copyright terms concerning works published for the first time after the author's death, works published in non-printed form (like audiovisual creations) and other special cases. Once the copyright term expires, the work becomes public domain, and therefore can be freely used by anyone.
  • Patents in force: No. of Patents in Force.
  • Patents in force per thousand people: No. of Patents in Force. Figures expressed per thousand people for the same year.
Copyright > Copyright duration relative to life of author Life 70 years [Life 50 years] 2014
Patents in force 49,947 2008 17th out of 18
Patents in force per thousand people 102.21 2008 2nd out of 18

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