Facts and stats about Moldova

3.62 million

Population. Ranked 130th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 125th in 2012.


Romania 450 km, Ukraine 940 km
Largest city Chisinau - 676,700
Capital city Chisinau - 676,700
Major language Romanian (called "Moldovan" in official documents), Russian
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit Moldovan leu
Prime minister Iurie Leanca
Alternative names Moldova, Rep. of, Moldova, Republic Of, Republic of Moldova, Republica Moldova, Moldova, Rep. of Moldova, Rep. of Moldiva, Moldova (Republic of)
Groups Christian countries, Eastern Europe, Europe, Former Soviet republics, Landlocked countries, Religious countries, World

Interesting observations about Moldova

  • Moldova ranked third for land use > arable land amongst Christian countries in 2013.
  • Moldova ranked first for GDP > composition, by end use > household consumption amongst Europe in 2013.
  • Moldova ranked first for arable land > hectares per capita amongst Religious countries in 2011.
  • Moldova ranked last for GDP per capita amongst Eastern Europe in 2012.
  • Moldova ranked 13 places from the bottom for population amongst Landlocked countries in 2013.
  • Moldova ranked first for secondary education, duration > years amongst Former Soviet republics in 2012.
  • Moldova ranked first for workers' remittances and compensation of employees > received > US$ > per $ GDP globally in 2005.
  • Moldova has had the highest pollution > organic water pollutant > BOD emissions > kg per day per worker since 1996.