Facts and stats about Namibia

2.18 million

Population. Ranked 142nd in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 83th in 2012.


Angola 1,376 km, Botswana 1,360 km, South Africa 967 km, Zambia 233 km
Largest city Windhoek - 161,000
Capital city Windhoek - 161,000
Major language English (official), Afrikaans, German, Oshivambo, Herero, Nama
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit Namibian dollar ; South African rand
Alternative names Republic of Namibia, Namibia
Groups Group object, Group object, Group object, Group object, Group object

Interesting observations about Namibia


I want to comment on issues related to Statistics and Databases being administered by foreigners as it seem that they use methods not relevant to our country. e.g. using a method of collecting data of unemployed youth needing financial assistance under the said title, might not be relevant in an Agricultural means of survival. Those said group might be financially sustainable due to income generated from their produce even when the market might be undermined by most foreigners. Herds of cattle feeds many and a figure estimating how many people can survive from it will be of no relevance. Please encourage Namibians to be involved in rendering such services; as some issues need country's history to reflect a reliable statistical representation.

Posted on 19 Nov 2010



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