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New Zealand Road Stats


  • Bicycle helmet laws (date enacted): Countries compared by the date in whcih bicycle helmet laws were enacted. It must be noted that the laws vary greatly from country to country. In some, the helmet is only compulsory for children, while in others the factor taken into account is the type of way in which the bycicle is used. In South Africa, use of the helmet is compulsory for everyone, but the law isn't enforced. In Spain, it's compulsory in interurban ways, except when going uphill or in very hot weather.
  • Expressway length: Expressway length (km).

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  • Length of motorways per capita: Kilometers of motorways per million residents.
  • Motor vehicles per 1000 people: Motor vehicles per 1000 people.

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  • Motorway density: Meters of motorway per square kilometer.
  • Motorway length: Total network length of all motorways in km.
  • Motorway length per capita: Length of motorways per capita (mm).
  • Public road per capita: Length of public roads per capita (m).
  • Radar detector legality: Legality.
  • Road density: Road density (m of road per square km).
Bicycle helmet laws (date enacted) 1,993 2002 16th out of 17
Expressway length 172 km 2014 53th out of 59
Length of motorways per capita 0.53 mm 2014 77th out of 93
Motor vehicles per 1000 people 712 2014 8th out of 191
Motorway density 0.64 m of motorway per square km 2014 24th out of 25
Motorway length 171 km 2014 24th out of 25
Motorway length per capita 41.3 mm 2014 24th out of 25
Public road per capita 22.57 m 2014 6th out of 28
Radar detector legality Legal 2001
Road density 347 m of road per square km 2014 22nd out of 28

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