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Australia Illegal in all states besides Western Australia
Belgium Illegal
Brazil Illegal in all states.
Bulgaria Detectors legal, jammers illegal.
Canada Legal in British Columbia , Alberta , and Saskatchewan . Illegal in Newfoundland and Labrador , Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island , New Brunswick , Quebec , Ontario , Manitoba , Yukon , Northwest Territories and Nunavut .
China Detectors legal, jammers illegal
Croatia url= http://www.mup.hr/1158.aspx | title=Promet | work=mup.hr | publisher= Ministry of the Interior | language=Croatian | accessdate=2010-01-30}}</ref>
Czech Republic Detectors legal, jammers illegal.
Egypt Detectors and jammers are illegal.
Estonia Illegal to use or have in a motor vehicle.
Finland Illegal to use or have in a motor vehicle on a public road.
France Illegal
Germany Legal to own, illegal to use in a moving vehicle
Greece Illegal
Hungary Detectors: legal. Jammers: legal to own, illegal to use.
Iceland Legal
India Illegal
Ireland Illegal
Israel Legal
Italy Illegal
Japan Legal
Jordan Illegal
Kazakhstan Legal
Latvia Legal to own, illegal to use in a vehicle
Lithuania Illegal
Malaysia Illegal to possess, purchase, sell or use. Heavy fines apply.
Mexico Legal
Netherlands Illegal
New Zealand Legal
North Korea Illegal
Norway Illegal to use. (Legal to own, sell, and buy)
Pakistan Legal
Philippines Legal
Poland Legal to own, illegal to use in a moving vehicle
Portugal Illegal to own and/or use in a vehicle
Romania Legal since 2006
Russia Legal
Saudi Arabia Illegal
Serbia Illegal to use, possess, sell or advertise
Singapore Illegal to possess, purchase, sell or use. Heavy fines apply.
Slovenia Legal
South Africa Illegal to use in a moving vehicle
South Korea Legal
Spain Radar Detectors legal, jammers illegal.
Switzerland Illegal
Taiwan Legal
Turkey Illegal
United Kingdom Legal
United States Law varies from state to state, but detectors are generally legal in private vehicles under the Communications Act of 1934 and illegal in commercial vehicles by DOT regulation ( 49 CFR 392.71 ). Exceptions:


"All countries compared for Transport > Road > Radar detector legality", Wikipedia: Radar detector (Legality) ("Radar Speed Trap Warning Apparatus (Licence)" . Hansard . 1967-03-02 . Retrieved 2010-04-25 . "a pocket-sized instrument is being produced by Marchant House Limited of New Street, Oadby, Leicester, to be used in motor vehicles to give instant warning of a police radar speed trap ... Anyone wishing to use this type of apparatus would require a licence under the Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949. The firm in question has recently been informed that I am not prepared to issue a licence for such purposes"). Aggregates compiled by NationMaster. Retrieved from http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Transport/Road/Radar-detector-legality

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