Facts and stats about Nicaragua

5.79 million

Population. Ranked 109th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 127th in 2012.


Costa Rica 309 km, Honduras 922 km
Largest city Managua - 974,000
Capital city Managua - 974,000
Major language Spanish, English, indigenous languages
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit gold cordoba
Alternative names Republica de Nicaragua, Republic of Nicaragua, Nicaragua
Groups Christian countries, Former Spanish colonies, Hot countries, Latin America and Caribbean, World

Interesting observations about Nicaragua

  • Nicaragua ranked third for age structure > 15-24 years amongst Hot countries in 2013.
  • Nicaragua ranked 6th last for population amongst Former Spanish colonies in 2013.
  • Nicaragua ranked #4 for produce > food > production index amongst Christian countries in 2004.
  • Nicaragua ranked first for GDP > composition, by end use > investment in fixed capital amongst Latin America and Caribbean in 2013.
  • Nicaragua has ranked last for railways > total > per capita since 2002.
  • Nicaragua has ranked last for railways > total per million since 2002.


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