Facts and stats about Palau


Population. Ranked 217th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 57th in 2012.

Largest city Koror - 12,299
Capital city Koror - 12,299
Major language Palauan, English
Major religion Christianity, Modekngei (indigenous belief)
Monetary unit US dollar
Alternative names Palau, Republic of Palau, Belau, Beluu er a Belau
Groups Catholic countries, Christian countries, East Asia and Pacific, Island countries, Tourist destinations, World

Interesting observations about Palau

  • Palau ranked first for sex ratio > total population amongst Christian countries in 2013.
  • Palau ranked first for sex ratio > 15-64 years amongst Catholic countries in 2012.
  • Palau ranked third last for population amongst East Asia and Pacific in 2013.
  • Palau ranked first for red tape > start-up procedures to register a business > number per million globally in 2012.
  • Palau has ranked last for outbound tourism > tourism expenditure in other countries since 1998.
  • Palau has ranked last for sex ratio > 65 years and over since 2010.
  • Palau ranked first for prisoners > per capita amongst Tourist destinations in 2003.