Facts and stats about Panama

3.56 million

Population. Ranked 131st in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 62nd in 2012.


Colombia 225 km, Costa Rica 330 km
Largest city Panama City - 450,668
Capital city Panama City - 450,668
Major language Spanish, English
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit balboa ; US dollar
Alternative names Panama, Republica de Panama, Republic of Panama
Groups Catholic countries, Christian countries, Former Spanish colonies, Hot countries, Latin America and Caribbean, World

Interesting observations about Panama

  • Panama ranked first for GDP > real growth rate amongst Christian countries in 2012.
  • Panama has had the highest bank liquid > reserves to bank assets ratio since 1969.
  • Panama ranked first for telecoms > mobile cellular subscriptions > per 100 people amongst Catholic countries in 2012.
  • Panama ranked first for merchant marine > total amongst Hot countries in 2013.
  • Panama ranked first for life expectancy at birth > total population amongst Former Spanish colonies in 2011.
  • Panama ranked first for trade balance with US amongst Latin America and Caribbean in 2003.
  • Panama ranked first for merchant marine > total > dwt globally in 2007.
  • Panama has had the highest merchant marine > foreign-owned since 2004.