Facts and stats about Qatar

2.04 million

Population. Ranked 146th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 4th in 2011.


Saudi Arabia 60 km
Largest city Doha - 300,000
Capital city Doha - 300,000
Major language Arabic
Major religion Islam
Monetary unit Qatari rial
Alternative names State of Qatar, Qatar, Dawlat Qatar
Groups Former British colonies, Hot countries, Middle Eastern and North Africa, Muslim countries, OPEC countries, Tourist destinations, World

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In response to Someone:

A country is considered to be developed if it has a high per capita GDP, is technologically advanced and the people of the country enjoy a high standard of living. These countries usually have a diverse industrial and service based economy. Developed nations include most European countries, Canada, United States, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Some sources also consider Cyprus, Malta, South Korea, Singapore, Slovenia and / or Turkey to be developed nations.

The gulf states, including Qatar, have achieved a high GDP through the exploitation of natural resources but are not considered developed nations as they have not achieved the level of industrialisation or standard of living needed for 'developed nation' status.

The //human development index which measures several factors relating to development including per capita GDP, life expectancy and literacy. Qatar is ranked 49th on the human development index, well below the indisputably developed nations.

Posted on 10 May 2005

Edria Murray, Staff Editor

Edria Murray, Staff Editor


Supporting “Qatar National Vision 2030”, EMPOWER Research Center has compiled a very unique and comprehensive research on “Investments & Business in Qatar” which highlights substantial investment advantages in the State of Qatar based on major macroeconomic indicators and microeconomic analysis published by global business institutes and international research centers.


Posted on 12 Mar 2010