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Gabriel Arcanjo Ferreira da Costa was appointed prime minister after the president dismissed Patrice Trovoada and his government in December 2012 following a no-confidence vote.

The assembly's second party MLSTP/PSD had nominated Mr Ferreira da Costa, a consensus builder from a political group without parliamentary representation.

Mr Ferreira da Costa had already briefly served as prime minister in 2002, a job held by 15 different people since 1990 and the installation of democracy.


President Manuel Pinto da Costa 2013
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Former strongman Manuel Pinto da Costa returned to power in elections in 2011, two decades after losing office.

Mr Pinto da Costa ruled Sao Tome with an iron fist for 15 years after independence from Portugal in 1975, and observers warned his return to power could herald a slide towards authoritarianism.

He lost the presidency after introducing reforms in 1990, including multi-party democracy that saw the election as president of Miguel Trovoada.

Mr Pinto da Costa has a five-year mandate. He worked with Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada whose Democratic Action party won legislative elections in 2012. However, the president dismissed Mr Trovoada and his government in December 2012 following a no-confidence vote in parliament.

Under the democratic constitution adopted in 1990, the president shares power with a government headed by a prime minister, who needs the confidence of parliament to stay in power.

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