Saudi Arabia

Facts and stats about Saudi Arabia

26.94 million

Population. Ranked 46th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 28th in 2012.


Iraq 814 km, Jordan 744 km, Kuwait 222 km, Oman 676 km, Qatar 60 km, UAE 457 km, Yemen 1,458 km
Largest city Riyadh - 4,700,000
Capital city Riyadh - 4,700,000
Major language Arabic
Major religion Islam
Monetary unit Saudi riyal
Alternative names Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, saudi-arabia, Al Mamlakah al Arabiyah as Suudiyah, saudi arabia b
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Interesting observations about Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia ranked first for exports amongst Muslim countries in 2012.
  • Saudi Arabia ranked first for crude oil > production amongst Hot countries in 2012.
  • Saudi Arabia ranked first for GDP per capita amongst Religious countries in 2012.
  • Saudi Arabia ranked first for islam > percentage muslim globally in 2004.
  • Saudi Arabia ranked first for GDP > composition by sector > industry amongst Sparsely populated countries in 2012.
  • Saudi Arabia ranked first for agricultural land > sq. km amongst Middle Eastern and North Africa in 2011.
  • Saudi Arabia has had the highest liquefied petroleum gas > exports since 1990.


Saudi Arabia is the safest country among the GCC to live in and with lowest cost of living. This is the country situated in the Middle East in Asia. Due to severe punishment on the crimes committed, as the Monarch strictly follows islamic laws, the fear is so high. This is one of the reason. Rumors are all widespread about theft and robberies. This sort of things prevails and rare occasion due to the illegal immigrants in the country. The Administration is on war footing measures to control the unhappenings and they have succeeded. Dress codes is according to Islamic shariah that women have to cover their body - not to expose. Muslim ladies have to cover their heads as well. All the tribes of S. Arabia are well mannered. Every where in the world 5-10 % of people of any country are practically, unethical, immoral and unpolite. With such low percentage of ill experiences it is unwise to criticise or black mark the whole country. Saudi Arabia is growing very fast due to increase in govt. expenditure on EDUCATION and its friendly nature with the countries all over the world. The UNICEF statistics can reveal that: Education Statistics, Saudi Arabia, UNICEF, Division of Policy & Practice, Statistics and Monitoring Section, www.childinfo.org, May 2008,

Posted on 29 Sep 2009

Firdouse R. Khan

Firdouse R. Khan


Saudi Arabia is a country in Arabia. The main religion is Islam. The main language is Arabic. Nedjed annexed Nedjed and Asir and became independent in 1927 as Hedshas-Nedjed. The country was renamed into Saudi-Arabia in 1932. The country is an absolute monarchy.

Posted on 31 Dec 2004

Packard Bell

Packard Bell

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