Somalia Conflict Stats


Civil war and unrest > Arab Spring death toll 2 2014 13th out of 17
Terrorism > Global Terrorism Index 7.24 2014 6th out of 155
Terrorism > Government reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed hailed the death of bin Laden by saying, "We welcome the operation which U.S. intelligence carried and killed the leader of al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, who already confessed he was the mastermind of mass killing in different places in the world." The Prime Minister also "accused Bin Laden for providing huge support to the Al-Shabaab group". He also added that "Somalia is the real victim of Osama's war ideology". Somali president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed welcomed the death of Bin laden saying he was instrumental in the problems of Somalia and that peace will prevail in Somalia as a result of the killing of bin Laden. Hundreds of Mogadishu residents rallied in the streets to celebrate the death of bin Laden, during which some people burnt the flag of al-Qaeda. 2014
War > Syrian Civil War > Foreign civilians killed 15 2014 3rd out of 18