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Suchita Vemuri, Staff Editor

Author: Suchita Vemuri, Staff Editor

Nations with the largest cultivated acreage under crops are not any longer primarily agricultural countries, with economies dependent on agricultural activity. It’s a tribute to technology that agriculture in the USA, which has the highest cultivated acreage, contributes only 2% to the country’s GDP. The proportionate <a href=http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_gdp_com_by_sec_agr&int=-1>contribution of agriculture to the GDP</a> is higher in the poorer, underdeveloped countries.

While the <a href=http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/agr_val_add&int=-1>value-add in agriculture</a> arises from several factors, ranging from labor and mechanical technology to irrigation and biotechnology, it’s interesting that countries where labor comprises the largest input, show the maximum value-addition in agriculture.


Emerging markets 772,904 thousand hectares 2000
Cold countries 631,348 thousand hectares 2000
High income OECD countries 391,798 thousand hectares 2000
Religious countries 375,503 thousand hectares 2000
Non-religious countries 300,636 thousand hectares 2000
Group of 7 countries (G7) 277,885 thousand hectares 2000
Muslim countries 249,980 thousand hectares 2000
South and Central Asia 243,747 thousand hectares 2000
South Asia 208,358 thousand hectares 2000
Former Soviet republics 206,613 thousand hectares 2000
NATO countries 196,643 thousand hectares 2000
European Union 130,102 thousand hectares 2000
failed states 104,808 thousand hectares 2000
Former Spanish colonies 102,266 thousand hectares 2000
Former French colonies 86,764 thousand hectares 2000
OPEC countries 57,477 thousand hectares 2000

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