Crime > Females prosecuted: Countries Compared

DEFINITION: Total number of female prisoners. Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.


1 United Kingdom 337,588 2002
2 South Korea 167,110 2002
3 Germany 122,220 2002
4 Canada 90,044 2002
5 Italy 84,571 2002
6 Ethiopia 43,948 2002
7 Netherlands 28,337 2002
8 Finland 27,784 2002
9 New Zealand 24,162 2002
10 Chile 20,669 2002
11 Sweden 18,379 2002
12 Japan 13,491 2002
13 Czech Republic 11,994 2002
14 Portugal 10,860 2002
15 El Salvador 9,496 2002
16 Mexico 7,683 2002
17 Romania 5,355 2002
18 Slovakia 3,967 2002
19 Burma 2,395 2002
20 Lithuania 2,311 2002
21 Latvia 2,014 2002
22 Oman 710 2002
23 Luxembourg 682 2002
24 Venezuela 555 2002
25 Iceland 288 2002
26 Tunisia 97 2002


Crime > Females prosecuted: Countries Compared Map


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In response to <i>Idiota</i>:<br>

Countries with a high rate of females prosecuted also have a high <a href=/graph/cri_tot_cri_cap>total crime rate</a>.

<p>In all countries, the number of crimes committed by men far exceeds that of women. Thailand is the only country in the world with more than 20% of the prison population being female. The next four countries with a high rank for female prisoners are Bolivia, Qatar, Paraguay and Costa Rica. None of these countries is considered to have a high level of freedom for women.</p>

Posted on 08 Apr 2005

Edria Murray, Staff Editor

Edria Murray, Staff Editor


Males commit 90% of all violent crime but fortunately other males are their victims most of the time. Killing is and has always been a male on male thing and that would be fine with me if they would just leave women and children out.

I do wonder if many if not most of these women who have been prosecuted were not just defending themselves or their children from a male attacker? If so and if she or her children were about to be raped or molester, she should be able to kill the male or males without the need to worry about being prosecuted

Posted on 02 Jun 2010



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