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DEFINITION: Legal status of radar detectors and jammers in different countries.
Belgium In July 2006, a provisional seizure of a vehicle worth over 75.000 EUR itself was ordered by the courts, destruction of the radar detector itself and the driver's license was suspended for 3 months.
Croatia HRK 2000 (ƒ?ª 270) fine.
Estonia Fine up to 18000 EEK (ƒ?ª 1150) as well as confiscation of the device.
Greece 2000ƒ?ª fine , 30 day driver's license suspension, 60 days car registration license suspension and 5 SESO penalty points
Ireland Law Refers to 'Speed Meter Detectors', Introduced 1991. No fixed penalty for possession, expect confiscation and Hefty fine.


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