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DEFINITION: Anti-discrimination (sexual orientation).

No date was available from the Wikipedia article, so we used the date of retrieval.

No date was available from the Wikipedia article, so we used the date of retrieval.

No date was available from the Wikipedia article, so we used the date of retrieval.

Albania Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Andorra Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Austria Some
Belarus LGBT activism/expression deemed terrorism
Belgium All
Bolivia Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Botswana Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Brazil / All state-sanctioned social discrimination of citizens since 1988, Legal protection in many jurisdictions, expansion of anti-discrimination (all) national Constitutional amendment discussed in the Senate .
Bulgaria All
Canada Bans all anti-gay discrimination, including hate speech
Cape Verde Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Chile Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Colombia Bans all anti-gay discrimination, including hate speech
Costa Rica Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Croatia All
Cyprus Some
Czech Republic All
Denmark Some
Ecuador Bans some anti-gay discrimination
El Salvador Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Estonia Some
Fiji Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Finland Some
France Some
Georgia Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Germany All
Greece Some
Guatemala Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Guyana Added to constitution in 2004, but withdrawn afterwards by the government.
Hungary All
Iceland Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Ireland All
Israel Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Italy Some
Japan No nationwide protections, but some cities ban some anti-gay discriminations
Kosovo Banned by the constitution
Latvia Some
Lithuania All
Luxembourg Some
Malta Some
Mauritius Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Mexico Nationwide since 2003.
Moldova Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Montenegro Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Mozambique Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Nepal Supreme Court ruled discrimination laws apply to homosexuals
Netherlands All
New Zealand Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Nicaragua Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Norway Bans all anti-gay discrimination.
Peru Bans all anti-gay discrimination. Penalized with 2-4 years in jail.
Philippines No national protections, but Cebu , Quezon City and Albay have anti-discrimination ordinances National bill pending but still not made into law
Poland Some
Portugal All, according to Constitution
Republic of Macedonia In 2008 there were anti-discrimination laws set in place to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination. But in early 2010, the law was revisited and sexual orientation was removed from the laws protected grounds.
Romania All
Serbia Bans all anti-gay discrimination
Seychelles Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Slovakia All
Slovenia All
South Africa Bans all discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, including hate speech
Spain All
Sweden All
Switzerland Bans some anti-gay discrimination
Turkey (Constitutional protection is drafted, awaits to be enacted)
Ukraine (proposed)
United Kingdom All
United States / No federal protections. Varying protections in 21 states. Included in the federal hate crimes law since 2009. See Matthew Shepard Act
Uruguay Legal protection since 2004.
Venezuela Bans some anti-gay discrimination


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