Economy > Commitment to foreign aid: Countries Compared

DEFINITION: Relative commitment to aid and military expenditure. Official development assistance compared with military expenditure, 1995 %.


1 Denmark 52% 1995
2 Netherlands 38% 1995
3 Austria 36% 1995
4 Norway 33% 1995
5 Japan 29% 1995
6 Sweden 28% 1995
=7 Belgium 23% 1995
=7 Canada 23% 1995
9 Ireland 22% 1995
10 Switzerland 21% 1995
=11 Finland 18% 1995
=11 Germany 18% 1995
=11 France 18% 1995
Group of 7 countries (G7) average (profile) 15.43% 1995
14 Australia 14% 1995
15 New Zealand 13% 1995
16 United Kingdom 9% 1995
17 Italy 8% 1995
18 United States 3% 1995


Economy > Commitment to foreign aid: Countries Compared Map


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Hey, I thought that this graph and the web site, too actually illustrates the comperative commitment from different countries quite well. In percentage of GNI, the US is indeed by far one of the lowest.

Posted on 26 May 2010




Q. How much do Americans give? Is the amount we give going up?
A. In 2006, Americans gave about $295 billion to charity. This was up 4.2 percent over 2005 levels, and charitable giving has generally risen faster than the growth of the American economy for more than half a century. Correcting for inflation and population changes, GDP per person in America has risen over the past 50 years by about 150 percent, while charitable giving per person has risen by about 190 percent. That is, the average American family has gotten much richer in real terms over the past half century, and charitable giving has more than kept pace with this trend.


Posted on 21 Apr 2010



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