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DEFINITION: In the national accounts, saving is estimated by subtracting household consumption expenditure from household disposable income plus the change in net equity of households in pension funds (since this component is also a determinant of household disposable income but with an opposite sign).

Household disposable income consists essentially of income from employment and from the operation of unincorporated enterprises, plus receipts of interest, dividends and social benefits minus payments of income taxes, interest and social security contributions. Note that enterprise income includes imputed rents paid by owner-occupiers of dwellings.

Household consumption expenditure consists mainly of cash outlays for consumer goods and services but it also includes the imputed expenditures that owner occupiers pay, as occupiers, to themselves as owners of their dwellings.

Households include households plus non-profit institutions serving households.

The household saving rate is calculated as the ratio of household saving to household disposable income (plus the change in net equity of households in pension funds).

Australia 0.78637987
Austria 9.68485751
Belgium 8.63850897
Canada 2.71856865
Czech Republic 4.25340153
Denmark -3.07018386
Finland -2.03468345
France 12.26336029
Germany 10.84718923
Greece -7.27765853
Hungary 7.34281664
Ireland 2.68967096
Italy 8.71285786
Japan 3.02967183
Netherlands 6.39650818
New Zealand -3.76892036
Norway -1.15912905
Poland 4.09072547
Portugal -0.56298498
Slovakia 2.65443698
South Korea 2.51978875
Spain 3.04988839
Sweden 9.32121016
Switzerland 12.00748519
United States 0.5245203


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