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DEFINITION: Reduced rate.

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Austria 10% for rental for the purpose of habitation, transportation of passengers, garbage collection, books and periodicals, food, revenues from artistic works.
Belgium 12% or 6% (for food or live necessary consumables) or 0% in some cases
Bulgaria 7% or 0%
Croatia 10% or 5% (since 1 January 2013)
Cyprus 5% (8% for taxi and bus transportation)
Czech Republic 15% (food, medicines, books, public transport)
Denmark 0
Estonia 9
Finland 14% or 10%
France 5.5% or 2.1% or 7%
Germany 7% for foodstuffs (except luxury-), books, flowers etc., 0% for postage stamps. ( Heligoland always 0%)
Greece 13% (6.5% for hotels and pharmacies) (8% and 4% on Aegean islands)
Hungary 18% or 5%
Ireland 13.5% or 9.0% or 4.8% or 0%
Italy 10% (hotels, bars, restaurants and other tourism products, certain foodstuffs, plant protection products and special works of building restoration) or 4% (e.g. grocery staples, daily or periodical press and books, works for the elimination of architectural barriers, some kinds of seeds, fertilizers)
Latvia 12% or 0%
Lithuania 9% or 5%
Luxembourg 12% or 9% or 6% or 3%
Malta 5% or 0%
Netherlands 6% or 0%
Poland 8% or 5% or 0%
Portugal 13% or 6% 12% or 5% in Madeira and 9% or 4% in Azores (Minimum 70% of mainland rate)
Romania 9% (medication, books, bread ) or 5% (first time buyers of new homes under special conditions)
Slovakia 10
Slovenia 9.5
Spain date=April 2012}}</ref> 3% or 0% in Canary Islands
Sweden url= http://www.vatlive.com/country-guides/sweden/swedish-vat-compliance-and-rates/ |title=Swedish VAT compliance and rates |publisher=VAT Live |date= |accessdate=2014-01-25}}</ref>
United Kingdom 5% residential energy/insulation/renovations, feminine hygiene products, child safety seats and mobility aids and 0% for life necessities \u2013 basic food, water, prescription medications , medical equipment and medical supply , public transport , children's clothing, books and periodicals


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