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Algeria Oil
Angola Oil
Australia Non-commodity
Azerbaijan Oil
Bahrain Oil
Botswana Diamonds / Minerals
Brazil Non-commodity
Brunei Oil
Canada Oil
Chile Copper/ Non-commodity
China Non-commodity
East Timor Gas / Oil
Equatorial Guinea Oil
France Non-commodity
Gabon Oil
Ghana Oil
Hong Kong Non-commodity
Indonesia Non-commodity
Iran Oil
Iraq Oil
Ireland Non-commodity
Italy Non-commodity
Kazakhstan Oil
Kiribati Phosphates
Kuwait Oil
Libya Oil
Malaysia Non-commodity
Mauritania Gas / Oil
Mexico Oil
Mongolia Mining
New Zealand Non-commodity
Nigeria Oil
Norway Oil
Oman Gas / Oil
Palestine Non-commodity
Panama Non-commodity
Peru Non-commodity
Qatar Oil
Russia Oil
Saudi Arabia Oil
Singapore Non-commodity
South Korea Non-commodity
Trinidad and Tobago Oil
United Arab Emirates Oil
United States Oil & Gas / Non-commodity / Minerals / Public Lands
Venezuela Oil
Vietnam Non-commodity


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