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Algeria Algiers , Constantine and Oran
Armenia Yerevan and others
Brazil 65 cities in 10 states
Bulgaria Sofia
Chile All urban areas
China Shenzhen , Fuzhou , Lanzhou , Wuhu City and 23 others
Colombia Barranquilla , Cartagena, Colombia and more than 40 other cities and towns
Cuba Havana
Czech Republic Prague and 23 other cities
Ecuador Guayaquil
England Entire country
Estonia Tallinn
France url= http://cms.sictiam.com/cms/30_adm06/upload/Gestion de leau.pdf |language=French |format=pdf |author=Alain Tiret, D\u00e9l\u00e9gu\u00e9 g\u00e9n\u00e9ral de la F\u00e9d\u00e9ration professionnelle des entreprises de l'eau |title=Pr\u00e9sentation des services publics de l\u2019eau et de l\u2019assainissement en France, 2e Rencontres des Maires \u2013 Symposium de Cannes |date=25 June 2008 |page=2 |deadurl=no |accessdate=10 October 2013}}</ref>
Gabon All urban areas
Germany Berlin
Ghana All urban areas
Honduras San Pedro Sula
Hungary Budapest , Szeged , Debrecen and five other cities and towns
Indonesia Jakarta
Malaysia Selangor and Penang
Mexico Cancun , Saltillo and Aguascalientes
Morocco Casablanca , Rabat , Tangiers and Tetouan
Mozambique Maputo and other cities
Philippines Manila
Poland Gdansk , Bielsko-Bia\u0142a , Tarnowskie Gory & Miasteczko \u015al\u0105skie , Dabrowa Gornicza , G\u0142og\u00f3w , Wo\u017aniki , Drobin and Toszek
Romania Bucharest , Timisoara , Ploesti and Otopeni
Saudi Arabia Riyadh , Jeddah , Mecca and Taif
Senegal All urban areas
South Africa Mbombela and Dolphin Coast
Spain Barcelona and more than 1,000 other municipalities
United States 73 million people, including through PPPs 14% of water revenues without PPPs


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