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Australia Federally (and in New South Wales ) the Liberal Party of Australia is in coalition with the Nationals .
Canada The Liberal party was the major left party until 2011, when it won the fewest seats in its history.
Denmark Danish People's Party is third largest, and had a great role as support for the centre-right government until 2011. The Social Liberal Party , and formerly also the Conservative People's Party , plays a great role.
Ireland Fianna F\u00e1il was the most voted party in Ireland from 1932 to 2011, when it was returned in third place with just 17.4% of the vote.
Italy Until 1992 the major party was the centrist Christian Democracy , which had been in government for five decades; the second one was the Italian Communist Party .
United Kingdom From the 17th through mid-19th century, the Whigs and the Tories were the majors.
United States In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Federalist Party , Democratic-Republican Party , and Whig Party were all major.


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