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Argentina Also Minister to Switzerland; appointed October 26, 1943.(New York Times. 1943, October 27. "Argentina Names Vatican Envoy". p. 4.)|group="n"}}
Austria Received on November 30, 1946. First ambassador since the Anschluss.(New York Times. 1946, December 1. "Pope Hails Austrian Tie". p. 36.)|group="n"}}
Brazil Ildebrando Accioly
Mauricio Nabuco (ante 1948)
Italy Jesuit Father Taochi Venturi served as "private envoy" to Mussolini.(New York Times. 1940, March 24. "Mussolini Strains Ties with Vatican". p. 56.)|group="n"}}
Bernardo Attolico (1940-1943){{#tag:ref|Attolico succeeded Alfieri on May 29, 1940 in an unusually simple ceremony.(New York Times. 1940, May 30. "New Envoy of Italy Confers with Pontiff". p. 5.)|group="n"}}
Galeazzo Ciano (1943){{#tag:ref|Mussolini's son-in-law, Ciano, replaced Attolico on February 7, 1943.(New York Times. 1943, February 8. "Italy Names Ciano Envoy to Vatican". p. 3.) After Germany recalled Diego von Bergen, Ciano's presentation of credentials was postponed indefinitely.(Daniel T. Brigham. 1943, February 28. "Germany Recalls Envoy to Vatican". p. 17.)|group="n"}}
Peru Arrested in September 1943 by Nazi troops in Milan but released after a protest by Pius XII.(New York Times. 1943, September 22. "Peruvian Envoy Released". p. 4.)|group="n"}}
Poland Appointed June 23, 1939 (post had been vacant since death of Vladislas Skryzinski in 1937.(New York Times. 1939, June 24. "Poland Sends Papee to Vatican". p. 2.) June 3, 1941 May 21, 1943 meetings with Pope was perceived as de facto recognition of the government-in-exile.(New York Times. 1941, June 4. "Polish Envoy Received by Pope". p. 2.)(New York Times. 1943, May 22. "Pope Receives Polish Envoy". p. 14.)|group="n"}}
Portugal Carneiro Pacheco
Tovar de Lemos (?-1950)(New York Times. 1950, May 14. "Lisbon Names Envoy to Brazil". p. 33.)
Jose Nasolini (1950-?)
Spain Appointed January 20, 1946.(New York Times. 1946, January 23. "Spain Names Envoy to Vatican". p. 2.)|group="n"}}
Joaquin Ruiz Jimenez (1948-?)


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