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DEFINITION: Lists groups or areas that have mounted major unilateral secession attempts in selected nations since 1945.
Azerbaijan Nagorny-Kharabakh
Belgium the Flemish
Bosnia and Herzegovina Republika Srpska
Burma The Karen and Shan states
China Tibet
Cyprus Turkish Federated State of Cyprus
Democratic Republic of the Congo Katanga
Denmark Faroes
France Corsica, the Bretons, the Alsatians
India East Punjab, Kashmir
Iraq Kurdistan
Italy South Tyrol, Padania
Nigeria Biafra
Papua New Guinea Bougainville
Russia Chechnya, Abkhazia, South Ossetia
Serbia and Montenegro Kosovo
Somalia Somaliland
Spain the Basques, Catalonia
Sri Lanka Tamil Elam
Sudan South Sudan
Turkey Kurdistan
United Kingdom Scotland
Yemen Democratic Republic of Yemen


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