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DEFINITION: The first data set used here is from large-scale epidemiological surveys implemented as part of the World Health Organization World Mental Health Survey Initiative (WMHSI). These surveys were conducted between 2002 and 2005 in 10 OECD countries. They use a common diagnostic instrument to measure the occurrence of various types of disorders, their nature and intensity, and the treatment provided. Disorders considered include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, disorders linked to impulse control and disorders due to use of alcohol and drugs. All disorders are classified as serious, moderate, or mild.

The second set of data is from the European Quality of Life Survey conducted in 2007 by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. These data are based on the following question: Please indicate for each for the five statements which is closest to how you have been feeling over the last two weeks - I have felt cheerful and in good spirits; I have felt calm and relaxed; I have felt active and vigorous; I woke up feeling fresh and rested; my day has been filled with things that interest me (all of the time, most of the time, more than half of the time, less than half of the time, some of the time, never). The total score on all statements is multiplied by 4 to get a score that has a maximum value of 100.


1 Norway 70% 2007
2 Netherlands 67% 2007
3 Ireland 67% 2007
4 Denmark 67% 2007
=5 Germany 67% 2007
=5 Sweden 67% 2007
7 Belgium 66% 2007
8 Spain 66% 2007
9 Finland 65% 2007
10 Luxembourg 63% 2007
11 Hungary 63% 2007
12 France 62% 2007
13 Czech Republic 62% 2007
14 United Kingdom 61% 2007
15 Slovakia 60% 2007
16 Greece 60% 2007
17 Austria 60% 2007
18 Portugal 60% 2007
=19 Poland 59% 2007
=19 Italy 59% 2007
21 Turkey 47% 2007


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