Health > Obesity > Overweight population aged 15 or more > Males: Countries Compared

DEFINITION: The most frequently used measure of overweight and obesity is based on the body mass index (BMI), which is a single number that evaluates an individual’s weight status in relation to height (weight/height2, with weight in kilograms and height in meters). Based on the WHO current classification, adults with a BMI between 25 and 30 are defined as overweight, and those with a BMI over 30 as obese.
Austria 44.9
Belgium 38.7
Canada 39.3
Czech Republic 42.5
Denmark 39.8
Finland 40
France 34.4
Germany 43.5
Greece 41.1
Hungary 38.5
Iceland 44.6
Ireland 41
Italy 40.3
Japan 24.5
Luxembourg 40
Mexico 40.6
Netherlands 39.3
New Zealand 41.7
Norway 41.7
Poland 39.5
Slovakia 45.9
South Korea 30.3
Spain 43.5
Sweden 40.3
Switzerland 37.5
Turkey 33.6
United Kingdom 44.5
United States 39.7


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