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India While coal is a major mined resource, iron ore also has a major value to the Indian industrial sector. In fact, India is the 4th largest iron ore producers in the world, behind China, Australia and Brazil, mining a total 110 million metric tonnes. With exports of ores and metals representing just 6.85% of the merchandise exports, much of the metal is used in manufacturing industry, with motor vehicle production a major benefactor. India is the 13th biggest producer of motor vehicles in the world, with 891,946 produced in 2002.
Japan Exports in manufactured goods is a hugely important part of Japanese industry, representing 91.97% of total merchandise exports. Of course, a major part of that sector is the manufacture of vehicles, with the country enjoying its status as leading heavy truck producers (679,965) in 2002. In the same year, the country was the 4th biggest light commercial vehicle producers (947,856), behind the US (7 million), China and Canada, and was even the world's 5th biggest bus producers (11,141), behind China (81,871), Brazil and South Korea.
United States America’s love of the car is reflected by the significance of its vehicle manufacturing sector. The US is the leading nation in motor vehicle production with more than 12 million built in 2002, more than double that of 2nd-placed Germany. It is also 1st in light commercial vehicle production with 7 million vehicles, but is 3rd in heavy truck production, behind Japan and China.


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