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Ireland The Irish are amongst the happiest people on earth with 42% admitting to being 'very happy', in a world survey in 2005, placing the nation 3rd, behind Venezuela (55%) and Nigeria (45%). However, some 53% admitted to being 'quite happy', placing them 29th amongst 50 nations, while just 5% stating they were 'not very or not at all happy'. What is more, the Irish seem happy to share their good fortune with 7% of the population being members of voluntary organisations, the 4th highest rate behind Australia (18%), the US (15%) and Netherlands (9%).
Japan In general, the Japanese are amongst the happiest people in the world. In the World Values Survey of 2005, 63% of those surveyed described themselves as 'quite happy', the 9th highest rate amongst 50 nations, while a more modest 23% described themselves as 'very happy'. In contrast, however, the Japanese were found to be one of the least proud of their country, when surveys in the 1990s revealed just 27% were proud of their nationality.
Nigeria Despite the health risks, poverty and economic difficulties that Nigeria suffers, Nigerians are amongst the happiest people in the world. In fact, in a 2005 survey on the world’s happiness level, 45% of Nigerians said they were ‘very happy’, placing them 2nd behind Venezuelans (55%) and just ahead of the Irish (42%). Meanwhile, 27% said they were ‘not very or not at all happy’, placing them 17th in the world.


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