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India India's film industry, Bollywood, is the largest in the world, out-producing the more widely recognised US film industry by more than one-third. In 2003, a total of 964 films were produced in India, with Hollywood making 611 films, and Japan 310. Indeed, Indians are film enthusiasts to the extreme, with 2.8 billion cinema tickets sold in India in 2002, which is double US ticket sales, (1.2 billion). India's hunger for information is also extreme with the most newspaper titles (5,221), highest newspaper circulation (59 million) and the 2nd highest TV broadcasters (562) in the world.
United States Despite the prominence of Hollywood in world cinema, America does not have the highest cinema attendance. In fact, their 1.4 billion cinema tickets sold is half that of leaders India. Indonesia has the 3rd highest number with 190 million tickets sold. Perhaps that is because of the number of films produced annually, with the US also 2nd behind India, 611 films to 946 according to 2003 figures.


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