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DEFINITION: List of radio stations.

Arman FM - Afghanistan's first private radio station, on FM in Kabul and other cities

Arakozia FM - private, operated by Moby Group

Radio Afghanistan - run by state broadcaster National Radio-TV Afghanistan (NRTA); also operates Kabul Radio FM 93 in the capital and 32 provincial stations


Albanian Radio and TV (RTSh) - public broadcaster

Top Albania Radio - national, private

+2 Radio - national, private


Algerian Radio - operated by state-run Radio-Television Algerienne, runs national Arabic, Berber and French networks and several local stations


Radio Nacional d'Andorra - public, operates Radio Andorra and music station Andorra Musica

Radio Valira - commercial


Radio Nacional de Angola (RNA) - state-run, operates Canal A, sports network Radio 5, Radio Ngola Yetu, Radio FM Stereo and provincial station Radio Luanda

Radio Ecclesia - Roman Catholic FM station

Luanda-Antena Comercial - private, Luanda

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Antigua and Barbuda

ABS Radio - run by Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service

Observer Radio - commercial

Caribbean Radio Lighthouse - Baptist-run

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Radio Mitre - private, speech-based, operated by Grupo Clarin

Radio 10 - private, news and entertainment

Radio Nacional - public radio

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Public Radio of Armenia - national, state-run

Hay FM - private

Radio Van - private


ABC - public, operates speech-cultural network Radio National, ABC NewsRadio, youth network Triple J, ABC Classic FM and local services

Radio Australia - ABC's external service, targeted at Asia-Pacific

SBS Radio - public, multilingual


ORF - public, operates Radio Oesterreich 1, pop music station OE3, youth station FM4 and a tier of regional services

Krone Hit Radio - commercial, nationally-networked pop music station

Energy 104.2 - commercial, Vienna pop music station

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Azerbaijan Radio - state-run

Public Radio - public

ANS ChM - private


Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC) - state-run; operates General Programme in Arabic, Second Programme featuring cultural and local programmes, Holy Koran Programme, Sports Service, English-language Radio Bahrain

Voice FM - private, for Indian listeners


Betar-Radio Bangladesh - government-run, operates networks A, B and C from Dhaka and local services

Radio Today FM - privately-owned

Radio Foorti FM - privately-owned

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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - government-owned, operates CBC Radio 94.7 FM, 98.1 The One, QFM

BBS FM - commercial, operated by Barbados Broadcasting Service

Faith 102 - religious, run by Barbados Broadcasting Service

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Belarussian Radio - state-run, operates three national networks

Radio BA - commercial FM network

Radio Mir - commercial FM network

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RTBF - French-language public broadcaster; stations include La Premiere, Classic 21, and external service RTBF International

VRT - Dutch-language public broadcaster; stations include Radio 1, Studio Brussel and external Radio Vlaanderen International (RVI)

Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF) - German-language broadcaster


Love FM - commercial, music and news

Krem FM- private, commercial

Wave Radio - affiliated to United Democratic Party

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Radio Nationale - operated by state-run Office de Radiodiffusion et de Television du Benin (ORTB)

Radio Parakou - ORTB regional station

Atlantic FM - ORTB station in Cotonou

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Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) - state-owned

Kuzoo FM - private

Radio Valley - private


Radio Fides - Catholic, news and talk

Radio Panamericana - national, news and talk network

Radio Patria Nueva - state-run, community network


Radio Botswana - state-run, programmes in English and Setswana, also operates commercial FM station Radio Botswana 2 (RB2)

Yarona FM - private

Gabz FM - private

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Radio Nacional - FM and mediumwave (AM) networks operated by state-run EBC

Globo Radio - commercial networks operated by Globo

Radio Bandeirantes - network operated by Grupo Bandeirantes

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Radio Television Brunei - state-controlled, broadcasts in Malay, English, Mandarin Chinese and Gurkhali

Kristal FM - private


BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) - public, operates flagship network Horizont, cultural network Hristo Botev

Darik Radio - private, national

Burkina Faso

Radio Burkina - state-run, runs national network and regional services, as well as entertainment station Canal Arc-en-Ciel

Radio Pulsar - private

Radio Salankoloto - private

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Radio Myanmar - state-run, operated by Myanmar TV and Radio Department

City FM - entertainment station operated by Rangoon City Development Committee

Democratic Voice of Burma - opposition station based in Norway, broadcasts via shortwave; web pages in English and Burmese


Radio Burundi - government-controlled, in Kirundi, Swahili, French and English; also operates an educational network

Bonesha FM - funded by international organisations

Radio Publique Africaine - private, operates with some UN and overseas funding

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National Radio of Cambodia - state broadcaster

Municipality Radio - commercial, jointly-run by Phnom Penh Municipality

Radio Apsara - commercial, operated by Apsara Radio and TV

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Cameroon Radio Television - state-run

Radio Reine - Catholic station

Radio Siantou - private


CBC - public, operates English-language network Radio One and cultural network Radio Two

Societe Radio-Canada - public, operates French-language services Première Chaîne and Espace Musique

Radio Canada International - external service run by CBC

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Cape Verde

RCV - state-run, operated by Radiotelevisao Caboverdiana

Radio Nova - Catholic, Sao Vicente

Radio Comercial - private, Praia

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Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne (RNT) - state-owned

Dja FM - private

Al-Nasr - private

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Radio Cooperativa - news-based, national, private network

Pudahuel FM - private

Bio Bio La Radio - private network

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China National Radio - state-run

China Radio International - state-run external broadcaster, programmes in more than 40 languages, notably to Taiwan and Korea


Hundreds of stations are registered with the Ministry of Communications. Among the main networks are:

Radio Nacional de Colombia - state-run

Cadena Super - including Radio Super and Super Stereo FM

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Radio Comoros - national, state-owned, operated by Office de la Radio et de la Television des Comores (ORTC)

Radio Dziyalandze - Anjouan, relays Radio France Internationale

Radio-Television Anjouanaise (RTA) - official station of Anjouan regional government

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Cook Islands

Radio Cook Islands - private mediumwave (AM) and FM station

Radio Ikurangi - private FM station

Costa Rica

Reloj - popular national radio

Radio Columbia - news and talk

Radio Monumental - news and talk

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Cote d'Ivoire

Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne (RTI) - state-run, operates La Chaine Nationale and Frequence 2

Nostalgie - private, Abidjan FM station

Africa No1 - relay of Gabon-based pan-African station, with some local programming

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Croatian Radio - public, operates three national networks

Radio 101 - private, Zagreb area

Otvoreni Radio - private, national

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Radio Rebelde - news, music, sport

Radio Reloj - news

Radio Habana Cuba - external, languages include Spanish, English, French, Portuguese

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Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) - public, operates Proto (in Greek), Deutero (in English, Turkish, Armenian), Trito (in Greek) and Radio Love

Radio Proto - commercial

Radio Astra - commercial

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Czech Republic

Czech Radio - public; runs national/regional networks and external service Radio Prague

Frekvence 1 - private, national

Radio Impuls - private, national

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

La Voix du Congo - operated by RTNC, broadcasting in French, Swahili, Lingala, Tshiluba and Kikongo

Radio Okapi - UN-backed politically-independent network, on FM and shortwave

Raga FM - private, carries some BBC World Service output

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DR Radio - public, operates P1, P2, P3, P4 national networks

Radio 100 FM - commercial

Nova FM Nova FM - commercial


Radio Djibouti - operated by RTD; national network broadcasts in Afar, Arabic and Somali, international network in French


DBS Radio - operated by state broadcaster Dominica Broadcasting Corporation

Q95 FM - commercial

Kairi FM - commercial, operated by Island Communication Corporation

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East Timor

Radio Nacional de Timor-Leste (RTL) - public

Radio Falintil/Voz da Esperanca - community station which began life as a clandestine station operated by East Timor rebels

Radio Timor Kmanek (RTK) - Catholic Church radio


Radio Vision - private, Quito and Guayaquil

Radio Quito - private, mediumwave (AM)

Cadena Radial Ecuatoriana (CRE) - private, Guayaquil-based network

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Egypt Radio Television Union (ERTU) - state-run, operates national, regional and external services including flagship General Programme Network

Nile FM - private, Western pop

Nogoum FM - private, Arabic pop

El Salvador

Radio Nacional de El Salvador - state-run

Radio YSKL - commercial

FM Globo - commercial

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Equatorial Guinea

Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial - state-run

Radio Asonga - private, owned by president's son


Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea (Dimtsi Hafash) - state-run, operates two networks, programmes in 11 languages

Radio Zara - state-run, FM network


Eesti Raadio - public; four networks including flagship Vikerraadio

Raadio Elmar - private, music

Raadio Kuku - first private radio


Radio Ethiopia - state-owned, operates National Service and External Service and regional stations

FM Addis 97.1 - operated by Addis Ababa city administration

Voice of Tigray Revolution - Tigray Regional State government radio

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Federated States of Micronesia

V6A - Baptist church

V6AH - Pohnpei

V6AI - Yap

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Fiji Broadcasting Corporation - state-owned commercial company, operates Fijian-language Radio Fiji One, Hindi-language Radio Fiji Two, music-based Bula FM, Hindi station Mirchi FM, music-based 2day FM


Yleisradio Oy (YLE) - public

The Voice - private

Radio Nova - national, private

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Radio France - operates national and regional outlets, including speech-based France Inter and all-news France Info

Radio France Internationale (RFI) - international broadcaster, via shortwave and FM relays worldwide

Europe 1 - major commercial station, news and entertainment

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French Polynesia

Polynesie 1 - public, operated by France's Reseau Outre-Mer

Tiare FM - private

Star FM - private

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Radiodiffusion-Television Gabonaise - state-run, operates two networks

Africa No1 - Gabon-based, heard across French-speaking Africa via FM relays


Radio Gambia - state broadcaster, programmes in English and vernacular languages

Radio 1 FM - private, music-based

West Coast Radio - private

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Georgian Public Radio - operates two networks

Radio Imedi - private, national news and speech network

Fortuna FM - private, music-based

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ARD - umbrella organisation of public radio services, including those of individual regions

Deutschlandradio - operates national public stations Deutschlandfunk and Deutschlandradio Kultur, both offering current affairs and cultural programmes

Deutsche Welle - international radio,, services in many languages


Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) - state-run, operates Radio 1 in English and Ghanaian vernaculars, commercial service Radio 2 and local services including Accra's Uniiq FM

Adom FM - private

Peace FM - private

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Greek Public Radio (ERA) - state broadcaster, shut down in June 2013

Easy 972 - commercial

Athena 984 - municipal Athens station, one of the first non-state radios

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Klassic Radio Klassic Radio - speech and music station operated by GBN

HOTT FM HOTT FM - operated by GBN

Spice Capital Radio - private FM station

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K57 (KGUM) - commercial, news, talk

KPRG - public


Radio TGW "La Voz de Guatemala" - government-owned

Emisoras Unidas - commercial

Radio Cultural TGN - private, religious/cultural, in Spanish, English and indigenous languages

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Radiodiffusion-Television Guineenne (RTG) - state-run, in French, English and vernacular languages; operates Radio Rurale community stations

Radio Nostalgie Guinea - private

Liberte FM - private

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Radio Nacional - state-run

Radio Pindjiguiti - private

Bombolom FM - private


National Communications Network (NCN)- state-owned, operates Voice of Guyana and Hot FM


Radio Metropole - private

Radio Ginen -private

Radio Signal FM - private

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Radio America - private, national

Radio HRN - private, national

Hong Kong

Radio-TV Hong Kong (RTHK) - government-funded, operates seven networks in English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Commercial Radio - operates CR1, CR2 networks in Cantonese and mediumwave (AM) station AM 864

Metro Broadcast - operates Metro Showbiz, Metro Finance and English-language Metro Plus


Hungarian Radio - public, operates Kossuth, Petofi and Bartok networks

InfoRadio - private, news

Class FM - private

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Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - public radio, operates two national networks and four regional stations

Bylgjan - main private station


All India Radio - public, operates domestic and external networks

Radio One - commercial radio network in six big cities

Radio Mirchi - commercial network, stations in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities, mainly music, operated by The Times Group

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Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) - public, operates six national networks, regional and local stations, external service Voice of Indonesia


IRIB - state-run, operates eight national networks, provincial services and an external service


Republic of Iraq Radio - state-run

Radio Basra - state-run

Voice of Iraq - private, Baghdad

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RTE - public, operates flagship station Radio 1, pop music station 2 FM, Irish-language Raidio na Gaeltachta, classical and cultural station Lyric FM, and digital-only services

Today FM - national, commercial

Newstalk - semi-national, commercial


Israel Broadcasting Authority - operates public radios, including speech-based Reshet Aleph, news-based Reshet Bet, music-based Reshet Gimmel, Arabic-language Reshet Dalet

Galei Zahal - Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Radio, broadcasts news and music to mostly-civilian audience; also operates music and traffic news network Galgalatz


Rai - public, stations include flagship national network Radio 1, entertainment-based Radio 2, cultural station Radio 3 and parliamentary station GR Parlamento

Radio 24 - commercial, news and business

R101 - commercial, pop music

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Radio Jamaica Ltd (RJR) - operates RJR 94 FM; entertainment station FAME-FM; music-based Hitz 92

Kool 97 - commercial

NewsTalk 93 - commercial

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NHK - public, operates news/speech-based Radio 1, cultural/educational network Radio 2, classical music-based network FM Radio, external service Radio Japan

Inter FM - Tokyo commercial music station

J-Wave - Tokyo commercial music station

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Jordan Radio and Television - state-run; services in Arabic, English and French

Radio Fann - FM entertainment station run by armed forces

Rotana FM - private, entertainment-based

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Kazakh Radio - state-owned, broadcasts in Kazakh and Russian

Europa Plus - private, Almaty, Astana

Tengri FM - private, Almaty

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Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) - state-owned, networks in English, and Swahili and other indigenous languages

Capital FM - private, music

East FM - private, for Nairobi's Asian listeners

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Radio Kiribati - state-run

Newair - private FM station


Radio Kuwait - state-run, programmes in English and Arabic

Marina FM - first private radio station, music-based


Kyrgyz National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation - state-run, operates Kyrgyz Radio 1 and 21 Vek (21st century) networks

Ekho Bishkeka - private, Bishkek

Almaz - private, Bishkek

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Lao National Radio - state-run


Latvian Radio - public; four national networks

Radio SWH - commercial

Star FM - commercial

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Voice of Lebanon - established commercial station

Radio Liban - state-run

Sawt al-Ghad (Voice of Tomorrow) - commercial

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Radio Lesotho - national, state-run

MoAfrika FM - private, Maseru-based

People's Choice FM - private

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Liberian Broadcasting System (LBS) - state-run

Star Radio - operated in partnership with Swiss-based Hirondelle Foundation

UNMIL Radio - operated by United Nations mission

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Libyan Radio and Television (LRT) - state-run, operates Radio Libya, Al-Shababiyah, Al-Itha'ah al-Wataniya (National Radio)

Voice of Free Libya - pro-NTC, in Benghazi, Al-Bayda, Misrata

Libya FM - pro-NTC, Egypt-based


Radio Liechtenstein


Lithuanian Radio and TV (LRT) - public, operates LR, Klasikos and Opus 3 networks

M-1 - commercial, pop music and news

Radiocentras - commercial, pop music

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RTL Radio Letzebuerg - RTL's domestic network

Den Neien Radio - commercial network

Radio ARA - variety of music, some English-language programmes

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Radio Macau - operates Chinese and Portuguese-language networks

Radio Vila Verde - private


Malagasy National Radio (RNM) - state-owned

Radio Don Bosco - Catholic

Radio Lazan' Iarivo (RLI) (Glory of Iarivo) - private

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Malawi Broadcasting Corporation - state-run, operates national Radio One, Radio Two

Capital FM - private

MIJ FM - operated by Malawi Institute of Journalism

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Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) - state-run, operates some 30 radio stations and external service Voice of Malaysia

Era FM - private

Hot FM - private

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Office de Radiodiffusion Television du Mali (ORTM) - public network of national and regional stations

Radio Bamakan - community station, Bamako

Radio Liberte - private, Bamako

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Radio Malta - public

ONE Radio - owned by Malta Labour Party

Radio 101 - owned by Nationalist Party

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Marshall Islands

V7AB "Radio Marshalls" - operated by state-run Marshall Islands Broadcasting Company, sole station with national coverage

V7AA "The Change 104.1" - religious

AFN Kwajalein - US military


Radio Mauritanie - state-run, programmes in Arabic and French; also operates youth network and Koran network

Sahara Media FM - private

Mauritanid FM - private


MBC - state-run, broadcasting in English, French, Indian languages and Chinese; networks include RM1, RM2, Kool FM, Taal FM, World Hit FM

Top FM - private, Bollywood music and Western pop

Radio One - first private radio station

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Grupo ACIR - has stations in Mexico City and across the country

MVS Radio - operates in the capital and elsewhere

Nucleo Radio Mil - operates several mediumwave (AM) and FM stations in Mexico City

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Radio Moldova - public, operated by Teleradio-Moldova

Hit FM - private

Vocea Basarabiei - private

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Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC) Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC) - French-language news and talk network

Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC) Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC) - Italian-language network

Riviera Radio Riviera Radio - private, English-language


Mongolian Radio - public, sole national broadcaster

Inforadio 105.5 - Ulan Bator FM station


Radio Montenegro Radio Montenegro - state-funded, operates two networks

Radio Elmag - private

Antena M Antena M - private

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Radio-Television Marocaine (RTM) - state-run, operates national networks in Arabic, French and regional services

Medi 1 - Tangier-based, privately-owned by Moroccan and French concerns, programmes in Arabic and French

Aswat Radio - private, FM relays nationally

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Radio Mozambique - state-run, operates national Antena Nacional network and provincial and local channels in Portuguese, English and many indigenous languages

Radio Cidade - state-run, youth-oriented FM network

Radio Miramar - private

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Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) - state-run

Kudu FM - private, music

Radiowave - private, music

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Radio Nauru - non-commercial, run by government-owned Nauru Broadcasting Service


Radio Nepal - state-run, operates national and regional services

Hits FM - commercial, music-based

HBC 94 FM - operated by Himalayan Broadcasting Company

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NOS - public radio, operates news and information station Radio 1, music network Radio 2, pop station 3FM, cultural station Radio 4

Radio Netherlands - international broadcaster, language services include English

Sky Radio - popular commercial FM station, continuous music

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New Caledonia

Radio Nouvelle Caledonie - public, operated by Reseau France Outre-Mer

NRJ Nouvelle Caledonie - private

Radio Djiido - private, Kanak-operated

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New Zealand

Radio New Zealand - public broadcaster, operates Radio New Zealand National, Radio New Zealand Concert, AM Network

Radio New Zealand International - Radio New Zealand's external service, targeting South Pacific region

Niu FM - national government-funded station for New Zealand's Pacific islander communities

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Radio Corporacion - commercial

Radio Mundial - commercial

Radio Nicaragua - government-owned

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La Voix du Sahel - state-run, sole national station; broadcasts in French, Arabic, Hausa and vernacular languages

Radio Saraounia - private

Anfani FM - private

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Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) - state-run, operates 37 stations broadcasting in 15 languages

Voice of Nigeria - FRCN's external service, via shortwave

Ray Power - private, owned by DAAR Communications, runs music-based and speech-based FM stations

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Radio Sunshine - operated by Niue Broadcasting Corporation


NRK - public broadcaster, operates three national stations and local services

P4 - national, commercial

Radio Norge - national, commercial, music

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Radio Oman - state-run, operates Arabic and English-language networks

Hala FM - private, Arabic music

Al-Wisal - private, Arabic music

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Radio Pakistan - state-run, operates 25 stations nationwide, an external service and the entertainment-based FM 101 network, aimed at younger listeners

Azad Kashmir Radio - state-run, for Pakistani-administered Kashmir

Mast FM 103 - private, music

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WWFM - private FM station, music and speech

KRFM - private FM station, music and speech

T8AA Eco Paradise - government station, news and speech


RPC Radio - commercial, news, talk

Super Q - commercial FM

Omega Stereo - commercial FM

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Papua New Guinea

National Broadcasting Corporation - state-run

FM100 - private, commercial

Nau FM - private, commercial


Radio Nacional del Paraguay - state-owned

Radio Cardinal - private, news, talk

Radio Nanduti - private, news, talk

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Radio Programas de Peru (RPP) - popular Lima-based news and talk station

Radio Panamericana - Lima commercial FM station, music

Radio Nacional - state-run


ABS-CBN - operates stations nationally

GMA Network - operates stations nationally

Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) - operates stations nationally

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Polish Radio - public, operates five national networks and many regional stations

TheNews.pl - Polish Radio's news site, in English

RMF FM - commercial

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RDP - public, operates national networks, regional and external services

Radio Comercial - national, commercial

TSF - national, commercial

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Puerto Rico

WIAC 740 - commercial, news and talk

WAPA - commercial, news and talk

WIPR 'Radio 940' - public

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Qatar Broadcasting Service (QBS) - state-run, programmes in Arabic, English, French, Urdu

Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian Radio - state-owned

Kanal 77 - private, national

Antenna 5 - private, national

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Radio Romania - state-owned, operates national and regional networks and Radio Romania International

Europa FM - commercial

Kiss FM - commercial

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Radio Russia - national network run by state-owned Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK)

Ekho Moskvy - editorially-independent station, majority owned by state-run Gazprom

Radio Mayak - state-run national network

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Radio Rwanda - state-owned, broadcasts in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili

Radio 10 - private

Radio Flash - private

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

ZIZ Radio - commercial, government-owned

Big Wave 96.7 - commercial, operated by ZIZ

Winn FM - commercial, private

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Saint Lucia

Radio Saint Lucia (RSL) - state-owned, broadcasts in English and Creole

Radio Caribbean International - programmes in English and Creole

Radio 100 - news and entertainment, affiliated to HTS TV

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National Radio 2AP - government-run

Magik FM - popular music

K-Lite FM - easy listening music

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Sao Tome and Principe

Radio Nacional de Sao Tome e Principe - state-run national broadcaster

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Radio - state-run

MBC FM - private


Radiodiffusion Television Senegalaise (RTS) - state-run, operates Chaine Nationale and Senegal Internationale, Dakar FM, regional services

Sud FM - private, in Dakar and other cities

Nostalgie - private, Dakar

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Radio-Television Serbia (RTS) - government-funded

B92 - private, English-language web pages

Association of Independent Electronic Media - representing private local radio and TV stations


SBC - operates national mediumwave (AM) service and music station Paradise FM

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) - national broadcaster

Radio Democracy 98.1 FM - Freetown station, once the voice of the exiled Kabbah government, regarded as pro-government

Kiss FM - private station in Bo

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MediaCorp - operates more than a dozen stations including English-language news and talk station 938Live, music stations and Chinese, Malay and Indian services

SPH Unionworks - operates English-language Hot FM and Kiss 92, Mandarin station UFM


Slovak Radio - public, operates five national networks and an external service

Radio Expres - commercial

Radio Viva - commercial

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RTV Slovenia - public broadcaster, operates national radio stations A1, Val 202 and Ars, regional services and a tourist station with news in English and German

Radio Hit - commercial

Radio City - commercial

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) - public, operates national station Radio Happy Isles, Wantok FM and provincial station Radio Happy Lagoon

Paoa FM - commercial

ZFM 100 - commercial


Radio Mogadishu - operated by transitional government, coverage limited to Mogadishu

Radio Shabelle - leading private network; Mogadishu, Marka

Radio Banaadir - private, Mogadishu

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South Africa

SABC - state broadcaster with 20 regional and national services in 11 languages, including: national English-language network SAfm; contemporary music station 5 FM; national Afrikaans station Radio Sonder Grense; national Zulu station Ukhozi FM; Sesotho station Lesedi FM

Channel Africa - SABC's pan-African external radio

YFM - popular Johannesburg commercial R&B, soul and hip-hop station

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South Korea

Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) - public, operates six networks

KBS World Radio - external broadcaster, operated by KBS

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation - public, operates MBC Radio and music-based MBC FM

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South Sudan

South Sudan Radio - national state-run network

Eye Radio - funded by US government aid body, USAID

Miraya FM - operated by the UN Mission in Sudan

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RNE - public, services include speech network Radio 1, cultural network Radio Clasica, youth-oriented Radio 3, news station Radio 5 Todo Noticias

Cadena SER - commercial, operates more than 50 national, regional stations

Onda Cero - commercial

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) - state-owned, operates domestic services in Sinhala, Tamil and English, including widely-listened-to Commercial Service

TNL Radio - private, English-language

Sun FM - private, English-language

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Sudan National Radio Corporation - government-run, national and regional networks in Arabic, English and other languages

Mango 96 FM - private, music-based Khartoum station

Khartoum FM - private, Khartoum


Radio Apintie - private

Radio Sangeet Mala - private

Radio SRS Suriname - government-owned, commercial

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Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Service - state-run, operates The Siswati Channel, The English Channel and The Information Service

Trans World Radio-Voice of the Church - Christian


Sveriges Radio - public, operates news and public affairs station P1, classical music station P2, youth station P3 and regionally-based news and music station P4

Rix FM - commercial, national pop music network

NRJ - commercial, national pop music network

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SR-DRS - German-language public broadcaster, operates five stations

RSR - French-language public broadcaster, operates four stations

RSI - Italian-language public broadcaster, operates three stations

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Syrian Arab Republic Radio - state-run

Al-Madina FM - first private radio


Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC) - national and regional networks

CBS-Radio Taiwan International - national broadcaster; also beams services to mainland China and the rest of the world in various languages and Chinese dialects

Public Radio System (PRS) - government-run; travel, weather, social information

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Tajik Radio- state-run, operates Radio Tajikistan, Radio Sado-i Dushanbe (Voice of Dushanbe), culture network Radio Farhang, external service Ovoz-i Tojik

Radio Imruz - private, available in all regions

Radio Vatan - Dushanbe, private

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Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) - state-run

Parapanda Radio Tanzania (PRT) - state-run FM station set up to counter competition for younger listeners from private stations

Radio Free Africa - private FM network

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Radio Thailand - national network and external service operated by National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT), part of government Public Relations Department

MCOT Radio Network - run by government agency MCOT; operates stations in Bangkok and provincial networks

Army Radio - network owned by Royal Thai Army

The Bahamas

ZNS Bahamas - run by BCB, operates Radio Bahamas (ZNS1), Inspiration 107.9 (ZNS2), Northern Service (ZNS3), Power 104.5

Star FM - private, commercial

100 Jamz - private, commercial


Radio Togolaise - state-run national radio, via shortwave, mediumwave (AM) and FM

Radio Lome - state-run FM station for Lome

Radio Kara - state-run station in north

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Tonga Broadcasting Commission - state-owned, operates mediumwave (AM) station Radio Tonga 1 and Kool 90FM

Tonga Radio "Magic" 89.1 FM - private

Letio Faka-Kalisitiane 93FM - private, Christian

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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Broadcasting Company - operates Inspirational Radio 730 AM, The Best Mix 95.1, Vibe CT 105 and Sangeet 106.1

Talk City 91.1 - state-owned, run by Caribbean New Media Group

Radio 90.5 - Indian music

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Tunisian Radio - state-run

Radio Mosaique FM - private

Jawhara FM - private

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Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) - state broadcaster, services include cultural/educational network TRT 1, popular music network TRT 3 and Turkish folk/classical music station TRT 4

Kral FM - popular private network

Super FM - popular private network


Turkmen radio - state-owned, operates four networks


Radio Tuvalu - FM station run by state-owned Tuvalu Media Corporation, includes BBC World Service relays


UBC Radio - public, run by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, operates five stations including commercial Star FM

Radio Simba - private

Capital FM - private

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National Radio Company of Ukraine - state-run, operates three networks and external service

Russkoye Radio - commercial

Europa Plus - commercial

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United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Media Company - operates Abu Dhabi FM and other networks

Radio Asia - commercial, broadcasts in Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam

Al-Arabiya FM - commercial, Arabic pop

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United Kingdom

BBC Radio - national services include new-music station Radio 1, adult music station Radio 2, cultural network Radio 3, flagship speech station Radio 4 and news and sport station Five Live

BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Radio nan Gaidheal - Gaelic-language station for Scotland

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United States

NPR (National Public Radio) - non-commercial network of member stations; news, information and cultural programmes

Clear Channel - America's largest commercial radio operator, owns more than 1,200 stations

CBS Radio - major commercial operator with nearly 180 stations in major markets

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Radio El Espectador - Montevideo

Radio Sarandi - Montevideo

AM Libre - Montevideo

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National Television and Radio Company - state-run, services include flagship network Ozbekiston, youth network Yoshlar

Oriat FM - private

Uzbegim Taronasi - private

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Radio Vanuatu - operated by state-owned VBTC

Capital FM 107 - private, Port Vila

Laef FM - Christian, Port Vila


Radio Nacional de Venezuela - state-run, runs 15 stations

Union Radio Noticias - commercial news network


Voice of Vietnam - operates national networks and an external service

Dai Tieng Noi Nhan Dan - Ho Chi Minh City


Republic of Yemen Radio - state-run, operates the General Programme from Sanaa, and the Second Programme from Aden


Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) - state-run radio operates three services; multilingual Radio 1 and English-language Radio 2 and Radio 4

QFM - private Lusaka music station

Radio Phoenix - private

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Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) - state-run, operates National FM, Power FM, Radio Zimbabwe and S-FM

Star FM - operated by Zimpapers, publisher of government-owned The Herald

ZiFM Stereo - operated by AB Communications

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