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DEFINITION: What the receiver of a call usually says when taking the call.
Argentina ¿Hola?
Brazil Alô? Oi? Sim? Pronto. (Residência/casa de família, a residence) Bom dia/boa tarde/boa noite, quem deseja? (both residences and shops)
Chile ¿Aló?
China Wei? / 喂?
Finland Using first and/or family name. When the ID of the caller is known, they may be greeted directly. "Haloo?" is sometimes used as a neutral confirmation.
France Allô?
Georgia ბატონო? (Batono?); ალო? (Alo?); დიახ (Diakh); გისმენთ (Gisment)
Germany using family name, often with first name
Hungary Halló, jónapot kívánok!
Iceland Halló?
India Hello
Indonesia Halo? (informal) Selamat Pagi/Siang/Sore/Malam. (semi-formal) previous line dengan <receiver's name> di sini. (formal-personal) second line dengan kediaman <fullname/surname>. (formal-residential)
Iran Alo. Baleh?
Israel Shalom.
Italy Pronto. Chi parla?
Japan Moshi moshi / もしもし Hai / はい
Malta Hello?
Mexico Bueno.
Mongolia Сайн байна уу?
Paraguay Hola.
Poland Słucham. Halo?
Portugal Está?
Romania Alo?
Russia Алло (Да)
South Korea Yeoboseyo? / 여보세요?
Spain Diga/Dígame.
Sweden "Hallå?" Usually, but not always, followed with first and/or last name.
Turkey Alo? (Efendim?)
Venezuela ¿Aló?
Vietnam A-lo?


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