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DEFINITION: List of TV stations.

National Television Afghanistan - run by state broadcaster (NRTA), via terrestrial relays and satellite

Tolo TV - leading private network, operated by Moby Group; via provincial relays and satellite

TOLOnews - Moby Group's news network, via satellite; website in English

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Albanian Radio and TV (RTSh) - public, operates two networks

Top Channel - private

TV Klan - private

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Enterprise Nationale de Television (ENTV) - state-run

Echourouk TV - private, via satellite

Ennahar TV - private, via satellite

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TVA - public, operated by Radio i Televisio d'Andorra


Televisao Popular de Angola (TPA) - state-run, operates national Canal 1, and Canal 2 in Luanda

TV Zimbo - privately-owned

Antigua and Barbuda

ABS Television - run by Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service (ABS)


Telefe (Canal11) - leading national network, operated by Grupo Telefe

Canal 13 (El Trece) - leading national network, operated by Grupo Clarin

Canal 9 - popular national network

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Public TV of Armenia - national, state-run

Armenia TV - national, private

ArmNews TV - private, news-oriented

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ABC - national, public

ABC News 24 - ABC's news TV

Australia Network - international channel operated by ABC

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ORF - public broadcaster, operates national channels ORF 1, ORF 2

ATV - national, commercial; via cable and terrestrially


AzTV - state-run, operates three networks

iTV - public

ANS TV - established private network

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Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC) - state-run; operates five terrestrial TV networks


Bangladesh Television (BTV) - government-run

ATN Bangla - private, via satellite and cable

Channel i - private, via satellite and cable

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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - government-owned, operates CBC TV


Belarussian TV - state-run, operates the First National Channel, entertainment network Lad (Harmony), satellite station Belarus-TV

Nationwide TV (ONT) - a joint venture with Russia's Channel One; state holds a majority stake

STV (Stolichnoye Televideniye) - state-run, Minsk local broadcaster

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RTBF - French-language public broadcaster

VRT - Dutch-language public broadcaster

VTM - Dutch-language commercial broadcaster

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Channel 5 - commercial

Channel 7 - commercial


Television Nationale - operated by state-run Office de Radiodiffusion et de Television du Benin (ORTB)

Golfe TV - commercial

La Chaine 2 (LC2) - commercial

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Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) - state-owned


Unitel (Canal 9) - private, Santa Cruz

ATB (Canal 9) - private, La Paz

Red Uno (Canal 11) - private, La Paz

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Botswana TV - state-run

eBotswana - private, commercial


TV Band - commercial network operated by Grupo Bandeirantes

Rede Globo - market leader, operated by Globo

Sistema Brasileiro de Televisao (SBT) - major commercial network

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Radio Television Brunei - state-controlled, broadcasts in Malay and English


BNT (Bulgarian National Television) - public, operates Kanal 1 and satellite channel TV Bulgaria

bTV - private, national

Nova TV - private, national

Burkina Faso

Television Nationale du Burkina - state-run

Canal 3 - private


Myanmar Radio and TV (MRTV) - broadcasts in Bamar, Arakanese (Rakhine), Shan, Karen, Kachin, Kayah, Chin, Mon and English

Myanmar International TV - state-run, in English

Myawaddy TV - army-run network

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Television Nationale du Burundi - government-controlled, in Kirundi, Swahili, French and English

TeleRenaissance - private


National Television of Cambodia (TVK) - state broadcaster

TV3 - commercial, jointly-run by Phnom Penh Municipality

TV5 - private

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Cameroon Radio Television - state-run

Canal 2 - private

STV - private


CBC - public, operates English-language national network and cable news channel CBC Newsworld

Societe Radio-Canada - public, operates national French-language network and cable news channel RDI

CTV - major commercial network

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Cape Verde

TCV - state-run, operated by Radiotelevisao Caboverdiana


Tele-Tchad - state-owned


National Television of Chile - state-owned but not under direct government control

Canal 13 - private

Chilevision - private

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Chinese Central TV (CCTV) - state-run national broadcaster, networks include English-language CCTV News


Senal Colombia - state-run

Telecaribe - private

RCN TV - operated by Radio Cadena Nacional

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Television Nationale Comorienne (TNC) - national, state-owned, operated by Office de la Radio et de la Television des Comores (ORTC)

Mtsangani Television (MTV) - Moroni

Radio-Television Anjouanaise (RTA) - run by Anjouan regional government

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Television (CITV) - private

Costa Rica

Teletica (channel 7) - private

Repretel (channels 4, 6, 11) - private

Canal 13 - public

Cote d'Ivoire

Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne (RTI) - state-run, operates La Premiere and TV2


Croatian TV - public, operates national networks

RTL Televizija - national, private

Nova TV - national, private


Cubavision - state-run

Portal de la TV Cubana - state TV portal


Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) - public, operates CyBC1, CyBC2 and a satellite network

ANT1 - commercial

Mega TV - commercial

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Czech Republic

Czech TV - public, operates mainstream CT1 and cultural channel CT2

CT 24 - public, news

TV Nova - private

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Radio-Television Nationale Congolaise (RTNC) - state-run terrestrial and satellite TV with near-national coverage

RTGA - private

Digital Congo - private, near-national coverage

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DR TV - public, operates DR1 and DR2

TV2 - state-owned, national

TV3 - private, satellite/cable

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Djibouti Television - operated by RTD


Marpin Telecom and Broadcasting - cable TV provider

East Timor

Televisao de Timor-Leste (TVTL) - public


TC Television - private

Ecuavisa - private

Telesistema - private

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Egypt Radio Television Union (ERTU) - state-run, operates domestic and satellite networks, including Nile News, Nile TV International and Nile TV thematic channels

Dream TV - private satellite network, operates Dream 1 targeting young viewers and Dream 2, an entertainment channel

Al-Mihwar - private, via satellite

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El Salvador

Teledos (Canal 2) - private

Canal Cuatro (Canal 4) - private

Canal Seis (Canal 6) - private

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Equatorial Guinea

Television Nacional - state-run


Eri TV - state-run


Eesti Televisioon - public, English-language pages

TV3 - private

Kanal 2 - private


Ethiopian Television (ETV) - state-owned

Federated States of Micronesia

KPON TV - Pohnpei, commercial

TTTK TV - Chuuk, commercial

WAAB TV - Yap, government


Fiji TV - operates national free-to-air Fiji 1 and pay-TV service Sky Fiji

Mai TV - commercial, free-to-air


Yleisradio Oy (YLE) - public, web pages in English

MTV3 - private

Nelonen (Channel 4) - private


France 2 - national, main public TV network

France 3 - national, public

France 5 - national, public, educational

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French Polynesia

Polynesie 1 - public, operated by France's Reseau Outre-Mer, provides two channels

Tahiti Nui TV - government-operated


Radiodiffusion-Television Gabonaise - state-run, operates two channels

TeleAfrica - private


Gambia Television (GRTS TV) - state-run, single-channel national service


Georgian Public TV - operates two networks

Rustavi-2 - private network

Imedi TV - private network

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ARD - organisation of regional public broadcasters; operates Das Erste, the main national public TV channel

ZDF - operates second national public TV channel

n-tv - commercial, rolling-news

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Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) - state-run, operates Ghana TV (GTV) and digital networks, including news channel GBC 24

Metro TV - jointly owned by government and private company

TV3 - private

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Public TV (DT) - temporary replacement for state broadcaster ERT, which was shut down in June 2013

Mega TV - major private station

ANT1 - major private station

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GBN TV GBN TV - operated by Grenada Broadcasting Network

MTV - private station


KUAM - commercial

KTGM - commercial

KGTF - public


Canal 3 - commercial

Teleonce (Canal 11) - commercial

Televisiete (Canal 7) Televisiete (Canal 7) - commercial

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Radiodiffusion-Television Guineenne (RTG) - state-run


Radio Televisao de Guinea-Bissau (RTGB) - state-run

RTP-Africa - operated by Portuguese public broadcaster RTP


National Communications Network (NCN) TV (Channel 11) - state-owned


Tele Caraibes - private

Tele Ginen - private

Tele Metropole - private

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Televicentro - operates Telesistema Hondureno, Canal 5 El Lider and Telecadena 7 y 4 networks

Canal 6 - private

Vica TV - private

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Hong Kong

Radio-TV Hong Kong (RTHK) - government-funded

Asia TV (ATV) - private, terrestrial

Television Broadcasts (TVB) - private, terrestrial


Magyar Televizio (MTV) - public, operates two channels

Duna TV - public, satellite channel geared to Hungarian minorities in neighbouring states

TV2 - private, terrestrial

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Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - operates public network Sjonvarpid

Stod 2 - main private station

Syn - private

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Doordarshan - public TV; operates national, regional, local and satellite services

CNN-IBN - 24-hour news channel in English, partially owned by CNN's parent, Turner International

New Delhi TV (NDTV) - operates NDTV 24x7 and NDTV-India news channels in English and Hindi

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Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) - public, operates two networks

Surya Citra Televisi Indonesia (SCTV) - private

Rajawali Citra TV Indonesia (RCTI) - private

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IRIB - state-run, operates provincial, national and international services

Press TV - IRIB's English-language satellite channel

Al-Alam - IRIB network in Arabic


Al-Iraqiya - state-run

Al-Sharqiya - private, based in Dubai, satellite and terrestrial

Al-Sumaria - private, based in Beirut, satellite and terrestrial

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RTE - public, operates RTE 1, RTE 2, RTE News Now, RTE Jnr, TRTE

TG4 - public, Irish-language

TV3 - national, commercial; also operates 3e


Israel Broadcasting Authority - public TV, operates Channel 1

Channel 2 - national, commercial

Israel 10 - national, commercial


Rai - public, stations include Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre, rolling news channel Rai News 24 and cable/satellite services

Mediaset - main private broadcaster, operates Italia 1, Rete 4 and Canale 5

La7 - private, owned by Telecom Italia Media


Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ) - formerly Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, privatised in 1997

CVM TV - private

Love TV - religious


NHK - public, operates the General TV, Educational TV channels. NHK also runs HD satellite channels BS1 and BS Premium. NHK World is the organisation's international English-language channel.

TV Asahi - national commercial network

Fuji TV - national commercial network

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Jordan Radio and Television - state-run, operates main network Channel One, sports network Channel Two, film network Channel Three and Jordan Satellite Channel


Kazakh TV (first channel) - state-owned, in Kazakh and Russian

Khabar TV - state-owned, news network

El-Arna - state-owned, news and entertainment

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Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) - state-owned

Kenya Television Network (KTN) - private, operated by Standard Group

NTV - private, operated by Nation Media Group

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Kuwaiti TV - state-run, operates four networks and satellite channel

Al-Rai - first private TV, via satellite

Al-Sabah - private

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Kyrgyz National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation - state-run, two networks

Piramida - private, Bishkek

Kyrgyz Public Educational TV (KOORT) - private

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Lao National TV - state-run

Laos Television 3 - joint venture with Thai company


Latvian Television (LTV) - public, operates LTV1 and LTV7

Latvian Independent Television (LNT) - main terrestrial commercial TV

TV3 Latvia - commercial

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Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) - commercial, market leader and pan-regional broadcaster; channels comprise LBC Sat, LBC Europe, LBC Sat America, LBC Sat Australia and LBC Nagham

Future TV - commercial; channels comprise Future International, Future News and Future TV USA; owned by Hariri family

Tele-Liban - state-run

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Lesotho Television - national, state-run


Clar TV - private

Power TV - private

DC TV - private

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Libya TV - aka Libya al-Ahrar; pro-NTC, Qatar-based satellite station, launched in April 2011

Libya Radio and Television (LRT) - state-run

Libya Al-Wataniyah TV (Libyan National TV) - state-run

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Lithuanian Radio and TV (LRT) - public, operates LTV, cultural station LTV2, satellite-delivered LTV World

LNK TV - national, commercial

BTV - national, commercial

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RTL Tele Letzebuerg - RTL's domestic network

Nordliicht TV - station for northern Luxembourg


Teledifusao Macau - operates Chinese and Portuguese-language networks

Macau Asia Satellite TV (MASTV) - private


Television Malagasy (TVM) - state-owned

Radio-Television Analamanga (RTA) - private

Madagascar TV (MATV) - private


Television Malawi (TVM) - state-run


Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) - state-run, operates TV1, TV2

TV3 - commercial terrestrial network

ntv7 - commercial terrestrial network

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Office de la Radiodiffusion Television du Mali (ORTM) - public, operates ORTM TV and TM2, programmes in French and local languages

Africable TV - privately-owned pan-African TV, based in Bamako


Television Malta (TVM) - public

ONE TV - owned by Malta Labour Party

Net TV - owned by Nationalist Party

Marshall Islands

MBC TV - state-run

AFN Kwajalein - US military


Television de Mauritanie (TVM) - state-run, operates MTV and MTV 2 Plus, programmes in Arabic and French

Sahel TV - private

Al-Mourabitoun TV - private, Islamist-oriented

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MBC - state-run, operates three main channels and digital networks


Televisa - Mexico's TV giant, operates four networks and has many local affiliates

TV Azteca - main competitor of Televisa, operates two networks and local stations

Once TV - Canal 11 - Canal 11 - public, educational, cultural

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Moldova One - public, operated by Teleradio-Moldova. A variant, TV Moldova International, is available via satellite

Pro TV Chisinau - private; Moldovan outlet of Romania's Pro TV; Moldovan-language


TV Monte-Carlo (TMC)


Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) - national, public broadcaster

Channel 25 - private

UBS TV - owned by Ulan Bator city government

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TV Montenegro - state-funded, operates two networks and a satellite channel

TV IN - private

ntv Montena - private

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Radio-Television Marocaine (RTM) - operates state-run Television Marocaine (TVM)

2M - partly state-owned

Al Maghribiya - satellite channel operated by RTM and 2M, aimed at Moroccans living abroad

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Televisao de Mozambique (TVM) - state-run

Soico TV (STV) - private

TV Miramar - private


Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) - national state broadcaster

One Africa TV - private, free-to-air


Nauru Television (NTV) - government-owned


Nepal Television Corporation (NTV) - state-run, operates NTV and NTV Metro channels

Kantipur TV - private

Image Channel TV - private

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NOS - public broadcaster

BVN TV - public, for Dutch-speakers abroad

RTL - commercial, operates RTL4, RTL5, RTL7 and RTL8

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New Caledonia

Nouvelle Caledonie 1ere - public, operated by Reseau France Outre-Mer

Canal+ Caledonie - pay TV

New Zealand

Television New Zealand (TVNZ) - state-owned, operates TV One, entertainment-based TV 2, digital services TVNZ 6 and TVNZ 7

TV 3 - private network

Prime TV - private network

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Nicavision Canal 12 - commercial

Canal 10 - commercial

Telenica Canal 8 - commercial

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Tele-Sahel - state-run

Dounia TV - private, Niamey

Tenere TV - private, Niamey


Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) - state-run, operates scores of national and regional stations; national services broadcast in English

AIT - private, owned by DAAR Communications, broadcasting in Lagos, Abuja and internationally via satellite

Minaj TV - private, eastern Nigeria and via cable/satellite

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Television Niue - operated by Niue Broadcasting Corporation

North Korea

Korean Central Broadcasting Station - radio station of Korean Workers' Party

Korean Central TV - TV station of Korean Workers' Party

Mansudae TV - cultural station

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NRK - public broadcaster, operates NRK-1, NRK-2, NRK-3 and NRK Super

TV2 - national, commercial; NRK's main competitor

TV3 Norge - commercial, via satellite

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Oman TV - state-run


Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd - state TV, operates PTV Home, regional network PTV National, Baluchi-language PTV Bolan, PTV News

ATV - semi-private, terrestrial network

Geo TV - leading private satellite broadcaster, owned by Jang publishing group; based in Dubai; services include Urdu-language Geo News

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There are no terrestrial over-the-air TV stations based in Palau, but most households have cable TV, which carries US and international channels.


Telemetro - commercial

RPC - commercial

Televisora Nacional (TVN) - commercial

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Papua New Guinea

EMTV - commercial

National Television Service (Kundu 2) - state-run


RED Guarani (Canal 2) - private

Telefuturo (Canal 4) - private

Sistema Nacional de Television (Canal 9) - private

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TV Peru - state-owned

America TV - commercial

Panamericana - commercial

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ABS-CBN - commercial

GMA Network - commercial

ETC - commercial

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Telewizja Polska (TVP) - public, operates two national networks, regional services and international satellite channel TV Polonia

TVN - commercial, also operates news channel TVN 24

Polsat - commercial channel and pay-TV operator

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RTP - public, operates RTP1, RTP2 and external services RTP Africa, RTP Internacional

SIC - commercial, channels include cable news station SIC Noticias

TVI - commercial

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Puerto Rico

Telemundo (channel 2) - commercial

WAPA (channel 4) - commercial

Univision (channel 11) - commercial

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Al-Jazeera - influential pan-Arab satellite broadcaster, financed by the Qatar government

Qatar TV - state-run; operates main Arabic service, Koran channel, English channel, satellite channel

Republic of Macedonia

MTV - state-owned, operates three national networks and satellite network

Sitel TV - private, national

Kanal 5 - private, national

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TVR - state-owned

Antena 1 - commercial

Pro TV - commercial

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Russia One - national network, run by state-owned Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK)

Channel One - national network, 51% owned by state, 49% by private shareholders

NTV - national network, owned by state-run Gazprom

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Television Rwandaise - state-owned

Saint Kitts and Nevis

ZIZ Television ZIZ Television - commercial, government-owned

Saint Lucia

Helen Television Systems (HTS) - private

Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS) - private

Catholic Broadcasting TV Network (CBTN)


SBC TV - government-run, commercial

TV3 - private

Vaiala Beach Television (VBTV) - private

Sao Tome and Principe

Televisao Saotomense (TVS) - state-run national broadcaster

Saudi Arabia

Saudi TV - state-run, operates four networks, including news network Al-Ikhbariya


Radiodiffusion Television Senegalaise (RTS) - state-run, operates RTS1 and RTS2

TFM - private

RDV - private

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Radio-Television Serbia (RTS) - government-funded

B92 TV - private, English-language web pages

TV Pink - private

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SBC TV - state-run, operated by Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) - terrestrial network with limited coverage

ABC TV - private


MediaCorp - operates entertainment-based Channel 5 and Channel 8, Malay channel Suria, Mandarin-language Channel U

Channel NewsAsia - news TV operated by MediaCorp


Slovak TV - public, operates two national networks

TV Markiza - commercial

TA3 - commercial, news channel, via cable

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RTV Slovenia - public broadcaster, operates two national TV channels and regional services

Pop TV - commercial

Kanal A - commercial

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Solomon Islands

One Television


Somali National Television - state-run, from Mogadishu

Universal TV - London-based satellite station

Somaliland National TV (SLNTV) - owned by Somaliland government

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South Africa

SABC - state broadcaster, operates three national TV networks, two pay-TV channels

e.tv - free-to-air, commercial; also operates news network eNCA

M-Net - pay-TV, pan-African audience

South Korea

Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) - public, operates two networks; web pages in English

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) - public

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) - private

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South Sudan

South Sudan TV - government-run

Citizen TV - privately-owned, from Juba


TVE - public, services include national networks La Primera and La 2, satellite-delivered TVE Internacional, rolling news channel 24 Horas

Tele Cinco - national, commercial

Antena 3 - national, commercial

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC)- state-owned, operates Rupavahini in Sinhala, Channel Eye in English and Nethra in Tamil

Independent Television Network (ITN) - state-run, Sri Lanka's first TV station

Sirasa TV - private, Sinhala

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Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SNBC) - government-run, operates two channels, also available via satellite

Al-Shuruq (Sunrise) - private, based in Dubai, via satellite

Blue Nile TV - private, via satellite

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ATV - government-owned, commercial

STVS - government-owned, commercial


Swazi TV - operated by state-run Swaziland Television Authority

Channel S - privately-owned


Sveriges Television (SVT) - public, operates terrestrial networks SVT 1 and SVT 2, news channel SVT24, European satellite channel SVT Europa

TV4 - commercial, terrestrial

TV3 - commercial, via satellite and cable

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SF-DRS - German-language public broadcaster, operates three channels

RTSI - Italian-language public broadcaster, operates two channels

TSR - French-language public broadcaster, operates two channels


Syrian TV - state-run, operates domestic and satellite networks

Al-Dunya TV - private, pro-government

Orient News - opposition, via satellite, based in Dubai

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China Television Company (CTV) - commercial

Chinese Television System (CTS)

Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) - commercial

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Tajik TV - state-run; operates Tajik TV first channel, Safina youth channel, news channel Jahonnamo, children's network Bahoriston and regional channels

Soghd TV - state-run regional station in north

Khatlon TV - state-run regional station in south

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Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) - state-run

Independent Television (ITV) - widely-watched private network, owned by IPP Media

Dar es Salaam Television (DTV) - private network operated by Africa Media Group

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Thai TV3 - operated by the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand (MCOT), a government agency

TV5 - owned by Royal Thai Army

BBTV Channel 7 - owned by Royal Thai Army

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The Bahamas

ZNS TV - operated by government-owned, commercially-run Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (BCB)


Television Togolaise (TVT) - state-run

Telesports TV - state-run, sports, culture

TV2 - private

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Tonga Broadcasting Commission - state-owned, operates Television Tonga

DigiTV - digital cable TV

Trinidad and Tobago

CCN TV6 - private, owned by Caribbean Communications Network (CCN)

C TV - state-owned, run by Caribbean New Media Group

CNC3 - private, operated by Guardian Media


National Tunisian TV - state-run

Hannibal TV - private, via satellite and terrestrially


Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) - state broadcaster, operates four national networks

Star TV - private, the first station to break state TV's monopoly

Show TV - private, widely-watched network

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Turkmen TV - state-owned, networks include main channel Altyn Asyr (Golden Age)


UBC TV - public, run by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

WBS - private, operated by Wavah Broadcasting Service

Pulse TV - private

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National TV Company of Ukraine - state-run, operates UT1, UT2, UT3 networks

Inter TV - national, commercial

1+1 - national, commercial

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United Arab Emirates

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) - Dubai government-owned pan-Arab broadcaster, operates Dubai TV, Dubai One

Abu Dhabi TV - pan-Arab broadcaster

Ajman TV

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United Kingdom

BBC TV - operates BBC1, BBC2 and digital services including BBC News channel

BBC World News - commercially-funded international news channel

ITV - major commercial network, organised around regional franchises

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United States

ABC - major commercial network

CBS - major commercial network

NBC - major commercial network

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Teledoce - Montevideo

Canal 10 - Montevideo

Monte Carlo TV Canal 4 - Montevideo

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National Television and Radio Company - state-run, operates four networks including youth TV Yoshlar

NTT (Non-Governmental TV Network) - national, operated by National Association of Electronic Media

TV-Markaz - national, music and entertainment


Television Blong Vanuatu - operated by state-owned Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC)


Venezolana de Television - state-run

Televen - private

Venevision - private

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VTV - Vietnam Television


Republic of Yemen Television - state-run, operates Channel One from Sanaa, Channel Two from Aden, youth network Saba TV and Islamic channel Al-Iman

Yemen Today - private, supportive of former president

Suhayl TV - pro-opposition, religion-based, operates via satellite from the UK

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Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) - single-channel state-run TV

Muvi TV - private


Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) - state-run, operates ZTV1


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