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DEFINITION: Number of coalition forces in Iraq. Earliest confirmed date of troop strength is Georgia, as of September 10, 2005. Latest confirmed date of troop strength is Denmark, as of March 23, 2006. NOTE: There are no reliable estimates on number of other coalition forces in Iraq, by country. An additional 1,850 troops are from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and Ukraine. Fiji is participating as part of the UN mission in Iraq. U.S. troop strength includes active and reserve and are as of March 2006.


1 United States 133,000 2006
2 United Kingdom 8,000 2006
3 South Korea 3,200 2006
4 Italy 2,600 2006
5 Poland 1,400 2006
6 Australia 900 2006
7 Romania 860 2006
8 Japan 600 2006
9 Georgia 558 2006
10 Denmark 530 2006


Military > Iraq coalition forces > Troop strength: Countries Compared Map


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