Military > Military spending (euros): Countries Compared

DEFINITION: Military expenditure (€).
Austria \u20ac2,453,000,000
Belgium \u20ac3,986,000,000
Bulgaria \u20ac545,000,000
Cyprus \u20ac345,000,000
Czech Republic \u20ac1,820,000,000
Estonia \u20ac280,000,000
Finland \u20ac2,654,000,000
France \u20ac39,105,000,000
Germany \u20ac32,490,000,000
Greece \u20ac3,272,000,000
Hungary \u20ac1,000,000,000
Ireland \u20ac881,000,000
Italy \u20ac20,600,000,000
Latvia \u20ac210,000,000
Lithuania \u20ac252,000,000
Luxembourg \u20ac201,000,000
Malta \u20ac40,000,000
Netherlands \u20ac8,156,000,000
Poland \u20ac6,557,000,000
Portugal \u20ac2,669,000,000
Romania \u20ac1,713,000,000
Slovakia \u20ac763,000,000
Slovenia \u20ac478,000,000
Spain \u20ac10,059,000,000
Sweden \u20ac4,331,000,000
United Kingdom \u20ac43,696,000,000


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